Station Tap Room Recipe: Zucchini Pasta

Download the Recipe Here (PDF)

Yields: 4


* 4 yellow or green zucchinis
* 1 pound of bacon raw, chopped and reduced down in pan – remove fat
* 2 leaks, sliced ¼“ thick, washed and roasted in oil till soft with salt and pepper
* 1 teaspoon lemon juice
* ½ cup of heavy cream


  1. Wash, tip and tail zucchini,
  2. Use a mandolin to Julianne into pasta like noodles.
  3. Julianne until you reach the seeds of zucchini then discard.
  4. Separate each zucchini noodle strand.
  5. Heat oil in pan at 350 degrees
  6. Cook zucchini noodles in pan until they start to soften
  7. Add roasted leaks, bacon, lemon juice and heavy cream reduce in pan until sauce is thickened.

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