Be Fit

Improve your speed, time and calorie burn! Created to build cardiovascular stamina & endurance this “Walk/Run” routine will also improve your running speed & time. In just 30 minutes you will walk and run at a variety of speeds and intensity levels; be prepared to ‘get the sweat on!” Always […]

Walk / Run Cardio Routine

Equipment – Treadmill Total Time – 30 minutes It’s easy to ramp up the intensity of your treadmill cardio routine by adding Pyramid Intervals. Begin with an easy warm up then find your steady state pace of an RPE of 5. Your goal for each Pyramid Interval is to manually […]

Ramp it UP with Pyramid Intervals

Dumbbell Rows to strengthen your back and core Change Up the Standard Dumbbell Rows to a: 1 Arm Row with a Stability Ball Strengthen your back muscles with one arm dumbbell rows and work your core at the same time by leaning on the stability ball! This is one of […]

Dumbbell Rows to strengthen your back and core

Legs In and Out Legs In and Out is a ‘no crunch’ exercise that really helps you to target those hard to tone lower abs. Be sure to focus on your abdominal muscles otherwise your hip flexors, the small muscles in the front of your hips, will take over and […]

Banish the Belly Bulge

7 Thigh Thinning Workout Moves in 7 Minutes After you warm up do each thigh thinning workout move for 45 seconds work, rest for 15 seconds in between each exercise. Take a quick water break with 1 minute of rest and repeat this thigh thinning workout 1 or 2 more […]

7 Minute Thigh Thinning Workout

10 reps of each exercise with no break 3 to 5 sets with 1:00 to 3:00 rest between sets Warm up & Cool Down for 5:00 to 7:00 Jumping Jacks Toe Touches Mountain Climbers Plank Position Jumping Jacks Crunches / Oblique Crunches Push Ups Squat Thrusts w/ Jump Twisted Crunches […]


No Lunges – No Squats – No Problem! Equipment – circle band or tie the ends of an exercise tube together to form a circle Do 10 to 15 reps of each of the following exercises in order take a short break and repeat up to 3 times. Remember – […]

Look Better From Behind

Now Sexy, Six Pack Abs are only 6 moves away – to get there in record time do 2 sets of each exercise for 8 to 12 reps! Grab a medicine ball and get ready to sculpt and tone all the muscles in your belly! Remember your abs are just […]

Sexy Six Pack Abs in 6 Easy Moves

Have Fun Doing Crunches Partner Drills – Crunches w/ a stability ball It’s always more fun to workout with a buddy and here’s a fun way to do crunches. Lie on the floor and hold a stability ball between you and your partners feet. Be sure to keep your knees […]

Partner Crunches

Ice Hockey Exercises Created by: Coach Jean O’Neill Demonstrated by: Mikaila Rubin Top 5 moves in the weight room; selected by D1 player and Ice-Line Coach, Jean O’Neill. Miki and her team mates on the Philadelphia JR Flyers girls 19U perform the following reps and set to stay strong, balanced […]

Get Ice Hockey Fit

Burn Calories – Improve Your Balance & Coordination Box Jumps aren’t just for CrossFit, include them in your workout routines and you will see improve in your agility, coordinate, accuracy and balance; plus you will be burning tons of calories and working your legs and core. Ryan has made the […]

Box Jumps

Do Anywhere … No equipment necessary Fitness Routine Do each fitness move for 45 seconds Rest for 15 seconds in between High Knee Runs Begin standing in a neutral position – feet hips distance apart, knees soft, abdominals tight & chest lifted. Alternate lifting knees as high as possible as […]

8 moves in 8 minutes

Dumbbell Chest Press w/ Leg Lifts By adding leg lifts to the standard chest press this challenging combination move targets not only your chest muscles but also all your ab muscles at the same time; including those tough to tone lower abs. Get the most out of the chest press […]

More than Just a Chest Press

An 8 Exercise – Full Body Workout demonstrated by: Tracy Brignola, Title Boxing Do each exercise without a break, take a 1 to 2 minute break and repeat 1 or 2 more times. Be sure to warm up before you begin the circuit and stretch and cool down when you are […]

Stability Ball Circuit

You will never get bored with this Cardio Workout! 3 machines – 3 workouts – 40 minutes AND a ton of calories blasted! If you are a beginner work up the suggested level and always use the Rate of Perceived Exertion Scale to know how hard you are exercising! 40:00 […]

Mix it Up – Cardio Workout