Exercise of the Week

Episode 13: EOW: Cross Chop to Knee
Strength, Coordination, Balance and Flexibility Cross Chop to Knee The Cross Chop to Knee is an excellent functional move that not only works your abs and hips but also helps you improve your coordination, balance and flexibility. Be sure to create the chopping motion by focusing on crunching your abs […]

Cross Chop to Knee

A NO Crunch … Ab exercise TRX Pike to Knee Tuck Tony makes this combination TRX ab exercise look easy. Be sure you can perform each move individually with good exercise form and technique before combining them into 1 exercise. Remember to adjust the height of the TRX straps to […]

TRX Pike to Knee Tuck

Cardio & Core in 1 Move Mountain Climber Combo Tom made the Mountain Climber Combo even more challenging by performing it with a body bar barbell on top of a Bosu. Keep it simple by first performing the combination on the floor, then progressing to the flat side of the […]

Mountain Climber Combo

Looking Good from Behind w/ Sumo Squats Love Sumo Squats; by performing the squat with a wide stance you are able to target not only your thighs but also your glutes a little more efficiently. Keep your toes pointed slightly out, your knees over your ankles and your torso upright. […]

Sumo Squats

Dumbbell In & Out
A More Challenging Squat Jump Dumbbells In & Out This is an advanced and challenging move or as Ed say’s, “Worse then Burpees!” Be sure you can perform the wide and tight squats using good exercise form and technique before adding the jumps. Keep it simple and begin without dumbbells […]

Dumbbells In & Out

Multi-Tasking Move Plank Row This Challenging exercise not only strengthens your back but by performing the rows in a plank position you are also stabilizing and strengthening your entire core and torso. Keep in mind the higher your plank the easier the exercise, start with your plank on a bench, […]

Plank Row

Side Step Up to Reverse Lunges
Improve Your Balance and Coordination Side Step Up to Reverse Lunge Love this exercise because it works all the muscles in your legs as well as challenges you balance and coordination. Make it more challenging by raising the step or holding a medicine ball on your chest. Thanks for the […]

Side Step Up to Reverse Lunges

General Conditioning and Sports Performance with these Drills Agility Ladder Drills Ladder drills are great for athletes as well as for general general conditioning. They are an excellent way to improve foot speed, agility, coordination and overall quickness or a fun way to add cardio into your workout. Lisa is […]

Agility Ladder Drills

Bug Crunch
Washboard Abs Bug Crunch Target and tone your entire ab region with the Bug Crunch. Holding the stability ball makes the exercise more challenging as well as helps you to engage the deepest abdominal muscle, the rectus abdominis.  Be sure to keep your back flat against the floor, match the […]

Bug Crunch

Strong Back … Strong Core High Row Sitting on a Bosu Do double duty with this exercise, simply sit on a Bosu while doing a row with an exercise tube and you will be strengthening your back and your core. Remember when working on any kind of stability equipment always […]

High Row Sitting on a Bosu

Challenge Your Upper and Lower Abs with 1 Move Under the Knee Medicine Ball Crunch This is a challenging way to change up your crunches and to target your entire torso. The heavier the ball the harder the exercise. Be sure to keep your abdominals contracted to support your lower […]

Under the Knee Medicine Ball Crunch

Have Fun Doing a Plank Partner Drills – High Plank with Ball Rolls Grab a partner and start in a high plank position, roll the medicine ball back and forth. Make it more challenging by adding a push up each time you get the ball. Be sure to keep your […]

High Plank w/ Ball Rolls

Challenge Your Balance, Tone Your Legs, Work Your Core Round Kick to Reverse Lunge w/ Torso Rotation This is an advanced challenging exercise that will get your heart rate up, challenge your balance, tone your legs and work your core! If you are new to exercise perform your round kick […]

Round Kick Combo

Burn More Calories with Mountain Climbers Mountain Climbers are a great cardio exercise, they are one of those back to basics exercises from high school that really gets your heart pumping. I like to use this as added intensity on cardio days or in between strength training exercises. Remember to […]

Quickie Calorie Blasts with Mountain Climbers

Begin in push up position, hands aligned under shoulders, toes on the floor hip distance apart, body in a straight line from top of head to toes, step the left foot in towards the chest, keeping left knee facing forward Jump up & switch feet in the air, bringing right […]

Mountain Climbers