Exercise of the Week

Strong Back … Strong Core High Row Sitting on a Bosu Do double duty with this exercise, simply sit on a Bosu while doing a row with an exercise tube and you will be strengthening your back and your core. Remember when working on any kind of stability equipment always […]

High Row Sitting on a Bosu

Challenge Your Upper and Lower Abs with 1 Move Under the Knee Medicine Ball Crunch This is a challenging way to change up your crunches and to target your entire torso. The heavier the ball the harder the exercise. Be sure to keep your abdominals contracted to support your lower […]

Under the Knee Medicine Ball Crunch

Have Fun Doing a Plank Partner Drills – High Plank with Ball Rolls Grab a partner and start in a high plank position, roll the medicine ball back and forth. Make it more challenging by adding a push up each time you get the ball. Be sure to keep your […]

High Plank w/ Ball Rolls

Challenge Your Balance, Tone Your Legs, Work Your Core Round Kick to Reverse Lunge w/ Torso Rotation This is an advanced challenging exercise that will get your heart rate up, challenge your balance, tone your legs and work your core! If you are new to exercise perform your round kick […]

Round Kick Combo

Burn More Calories with Mountain Climbers Mountain Climbers are a great cardio exercise, they are one of those back to basics exercises from high school that really gets your heart pumping. I like to use this as added intensity on cardio days or in between strength training exercises. Remember to […]

Quickie Calorie Blasts with Mountain Climbers

Begin in push up position, hands aligned under shoulders, toes on the floor hip distance apart, body in a straight line from top of head to toes, step the left foot in towards the chest, keeping left knee facing forward Jump up & switch feet in the air, bringing right […]

Mountain Climbers

 Hold dumbbell in each hand with arms extended down by your sides Step your left foot forward keeping both feet hips distance apart, raise right heel so you are balanced on the ball of your right foot Bend both knees to lower body down as far as possible or until […]

Static Lunge with Dumbbells

Static Lunge The Lunge is one of the best exercises for your entire lower body; including your glutes and thighs! It is a great basic exercise that you can use to build on and make more challenging with steps, balls, Bosu’s or even combination moves. Unfortunately, more often than the […]

Sculpt Long Lean Legs

Tighten, Tone & Slim Your Glutes with the Medicine Ball Bridge Include the medicine ball bridge exercise in your next workout to really challenge your glutes and hamstrings. Because this is an intermediate exercise, good form is very important, focus on squeezing your glutes during each repetition and be sure […]

Medicine Ball Bridge

Lie on back on floor with feet balanced on a medicine ball, knees bent, aligned over ankles, arms by your side with palms facing up Contract abdominals and lift hips off the floor so knees, hips & shoulders are in a straight line, squeeze glutes and hold for a second […]

Bridge with Medicine Ball

Latera Raise Photo
Lateral Raises on stability ball Well defined, strong shoulders are always in style. Lateral Raises work your middle shoulder muscle, the medial deltoid. By performing lateral raises lying on your side on the stability ball you are changing the angle that your muscle is lifting the weight and therefore making […]

Lateral Raises to Sculpt Sexy Shoulders

Squat Jumps Squat jumps can add intensity to any workout. One of my favorite saying is; ‘The more you move – the more calories you will burn – the better you will feel!’ This is also true when it comes to strength training. I wanted to feature a cardio move […]

Burn More Calories during Your Workout with Squat Jumps