Exercise of the Week

 Get a Better Behind Kneeling Leg Extensions w/tube Leg Extensions are great for your hamstrings, the back of your legs, and your glutes. The tube is a fantastic way to make them more challenging. When working with exercise tubes or bands you have complete control over the tension – […]

Kneeling Leg Extensions

 Work Your Mind – Work Your Shoulders Military Inspired Shoulder Workout Ryan comes from a Military family so he incorporates a lot of Military inspired exercises into his personal workouts; this shoulder exercise is one of them. Ryan was excited to share it because the arm circles look so […]

Military Style Shoulders

Eliminate Underarm Jiggle with a Triceps Extension Use a tube to do this Triceps Extension This overhead triceps extension works the back of your arms, your triceps; which can be a tough spot to tone. I really like this triceps extension because of the over the head angle. Using the […]

Triceps Extensions

High Intensity Cardio Mountain Climbers You may remember these from your high school Phys Ed class – I sure do! Mountain Climbers are a fantastic way to burn lots of calories and increase your cardiovascular endurance. Keep them simple by starting with your hands on a step, bench or other […]

Mountain Climbers on Medicine Ball

It’s a Kick Butt Move! This is an advanced lunge, performing it Bulgarian style with 1 leg allows you to individually target and isolate your leg and glute muscles. Be sure you can complete standard lunges with good form before progressing to the Bulgarian Lunge. Make it more challenging by […]

Bulgarian Lunges

Burn More Calories during Your Workout with Squat Jumps Squat Jumps Squat jumps can add intensity to any workout. One of my favorite saying is; ‘The more you move – the more calories you will burn – the better you will feel!’ This is also true when it comes to […]

Squat Jumps

Better Balance and Thinner Thighs Abductor Leg Lifts w/ tube Using an exercise tube or band is a great way to change up the resistance in any exercise. Working your Abductor (outer thigh) muscles with an exercise tube forces you to also focus on balance and control. Keep the pace […]

Standing Ab Leg lifts

Burn More Calories with Heart Smart Cardio Burn more calories throughout your strength training workouts by incorporating this “Heart Smart Cardio Move” in between each exercise. This is a challenging exercise, so if you’re a beginner start without a step. As you progress up the intensity and do the squat jumps on […]

Squat Jumps on Step

Plank Row for a Strong Back and Core The Plank Row is a challenging advanced exercise that will strengthen your back and core at the same time. Start with a weight that is lighter than what you typically use when performing a standing row. Be sure to keep your hips […]

Plank Rows

Heart Smart Cardio Burns Calories Squat Thrusts or Burpees! I love this Heart Smart, Calorie Burning move! It reminds me of high school basketball practice. Make this challenging move a little easier by placing your hands on a bench or increase the intensity by adding an explosive jump as you stand up. […]

Medicine Ball Burpees

 Feel Strong with Push Ups This is an advanced and very challenging push up, by adding the medicine ball you are not only working harder but also toning your abs and core as well. If you are a beginner or not quite strong enough to do a push up, […]

Medicine Ball Push Ups

 Save Time Sculpt Muscles Love this exercise because it does double duty! You will get sculpted, defined arms while you are isometrically toning all the muscles in your upper legs and glutes. If your legs give out first simply stand up and complete your hammer curl reps, if you […]

Squat Position Hammer Curls

Get Amazing Arms with this Preacher Curl A Preacher Curl is a great way to change up the standard biceps curl, by placing your arms on the stability ball you are changing the angle of how your biceps lift the weight; therefore working the muscle just a little differently. Leaning […]

Stability Ball Preacher Curls

“No Time for a Full Body Workout – Do Man Makers” No time for a full body workout, no problem just perform 10 Man Makers. It is a functional, dynamic hybrid exercise that when broken down includes a plank, push up, 1 arm row, squat, and overhead press. Make it […]

Man Makers

“Get Results with Cardio and Core  in One Exercise” I love this cardio move because it really gets your heart rate up. By combining the trunk rotation with a squat you are not only working your lower body but also your abdominals and core. When you jump remember to explode […]

Oblique Squat Jumps