You will never get bored with this Cardio Workout! 3 machines – 3 workouts – 40 minutes AND a ton of calories blasted! If you are a beginner work up the suggested level and always use the Rate of Perceived Exertion Scale to know how hard you are exercising! 40:00 […]

Mix it Up – Cardio Workout

This Football Field Boot Camp is perfect for fall! 5 HIIT Cardio Moves for 20 Yards 10 Body Weight Exercises 2 to 4 Rounds 1 Football Field Boot Camp Style Workout All you need is a football field and plenty of water. Start in one end zone and do 5 […]

Football Field Boot Camp

High Intensity Interval Circuit 4 Moves … 4 Minutes Jumping Jacks – 20 seconds Rest – 10 seconds Burpees – 20 seconds Rest – 10 seconds High Knee Run – 20 seconds Rest – 10 seconds Skater Jumps – 20 seconds Rest – 10 seconds Repeat to complete the 4 […]

Tabata Training

CrossFit Up the Ladder – Down the Ladder Workout CrossFit Chester Springs Beth Sebby Perform the following exercises as a ladder. ‘Go Up the Ladder’ and do 10 push ups, 20 Hollow Rocks, 30 Burpees, 40 Mountain Climbers, 50 Air Squats then without taking a break ‘Go Down the Ladder’, […]

Up the Ladder – Down the Ladder

Allow approximately 5 minutes to complete the following golf warm up before your next game. Start with the lowest number of repetitions and increase them as you become stronger and more flexible.  Remember to always listen to your body, if something hurts or doesn’t feel right stop and continue with […]

Golf Warm Up

By: Dr. Arianne Missimer The Movement Paradign Pull up Being able to pull your body up off the ground is one of the fundamental movements of the human body. Also, if you watched the show, you know that most of the obstacles require pulling yourself up, so this is the […]

America Ninja Warrior – Workout

Sun Salutation Demonstrated By: Stephanie Markstein, Bala Fitness Mountain (Tadasana) Stand with feet hip with apart, arms at your sides and gaze forward. Chair Posture / Squat (Utkatasana) Inhale- Arms overhead and parallel. Gaze up. Exhale- Keeping your arms extended up and parallel, bend your knees. Lower buttocks as if […]

Sun Salutation

Paddle Fit – Do Anywhere Yoga Workout, by Marianne Biffel Marsh Creek Watersports  Featuring: Mike Biffel, Julia Fiorkowski, Robbie Hiro, Jack McLaughlin, Cari Moffitt Spine roll down Starting in a seated position with legs in mountain position (softly bent knees with feet on floor), and holding paddle in hands at chest height, […]

Paddle Fit Workout

Mat Basic 5 Pilates Workout with Bonnie Weber The Pilates Garden and Personal Training Studio, LLC HUNDREDS Lie on back with arms at sides. Hips and knees bent to 90 degrees. Legs together. Maintain a neutral spine position with abdominals engaged. Inhale to prepare, exhale lift head and curl upper […]

Mat basic 5 – Pilates Workout

By; Sheridan McHenry, Title Boxing Club This workout is great as a warm up for your normal routine, and each exercise can be added into any of your workouts to bring your cardio to the next level! The best way to make this into an entire workout of its own: […]

Sheridan’s Boxers HIIT Workout

A Basic Runners Workout Push Up Begin in push up position, hands aligned under shoulders, toes on the floor hip distance apart, body in a straight line from top of head to toes Keeping abdominals tight, lower body down as far as possible, pause, raise body back to starting position […]

A Basic Runners Workout

Medicine Ball AB and CORE CIRCUIT
Change it Up with a Medicine Ball AB and CORE CIRCUIT With: Tracy Brignola, Title Boxing Medicine Ball Chops Sit on mat, bend knees with heels on floor hips distance apart, learn back approximately 20 degrees, to begin hold a medicine ball with both hands next to right hip Contract abdominals, in […]

Ab and Core Circuit

BASIC EXERCISE ROUTINE CREATED BY: Erik Miller, Health, Phys Ed and Strength Coach, Fit-EDU Repeat the Circuit 3-5 times Broad Jump x 3 reps Ring or TRX Push-ups x 6 reps Ring or TRX Row x 9 reps Bodyweight Squat x 12 reps I chose these exercises for a few […]

4 Exercise Circuit

Take your next workout OUTSIDE! Here’s a full body workout with 10 different exercises using common things that you find in a park, local school or at a playground – benches, bleaches and a tree! Push Up Begin in push up position, hands on the floor aligned under shoulders, toes […]

Workout in the Park

Tricep Kickbacks
9 Exercise Full Body Weight Training Routine The best way to strengthen your heart is to stay physically active. The more muscles involved in an activity the harder your heart has to work to fuel those muscles. Use this 9 exercise weigh training routine to improve your cardiovascular function, burn […]

Heart Healthy Full Body Weight Training Routine