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Better Balance and Thinner Thighs Abductor Leg Lifts w/ tube Using an exercise tube or band is a great way to change up the resistance in any exercise. Working your Abductor (outer thigh) muscles with an exercise tube forces you to also focus on balance and control. Keep the pace […]

Standing Ab Leg lifts

Demonstrated by Staff Sergeant Morris, US Marines Push Ups Squat & Press Deltoid Raise Bicep Curls Hammer Curls Tricep Extensions Rear Delt Raise Flutter Kicks Crunches V-Ups Russian Twist WARNING: You must consult your physician before you begin this or any other exercise program Be Fit. Be Healthy. Be Happy.

Marine Poolees Boot Camp Workout

Burn More Calories with Heart Smart Cardio Burn more calories throughout your strength training workouts by incorporating this “Heart Smart Cardio Move” in between each exercise. This is a challenging exercise, so if you’re a beginner start without a step. As you progress up the intensity and do the squat jumps on […]

Squat Jumps on Step

Demonstrated by Tom Nagy No need for expensive suspension training equipment – simply use a swing at your local playground for a fun, effective full body suspension workout! Each move is all core – all the time! Decline Push Ups Begin in push up position with your feet on the […]

Swing Set Workout

Plank Row for a Strong Back and Core The Plank Row is a challenging advanced exercise that will strengthen your back and core at the same time. Start with a weight that is lighter than what you typically use when performing a standing row. Be sure to keep your hips […]

Plank Rows

Demonstrated by: Stacy Lankin, owner, Unique + Fit Do each exercise for 40 seconds with a 20 second rest break in between. Once completed each one, rest for one minute, repeat 2 or 3 times Medicine Ball Slam Jumping Jacks with Shoulder Press Push Ups Skater Jumps   WARNING: You must consult your […]

Axe Throwing Workout

Heart Smart Cardio Burns Calories Squat Thrusts or Burpees! I love this Heart Smart, Calorie Burning move! It reminds me of high school basketball practice. Make this challenging move a little easier by placing your hands on a bench or increase the intensity by adding an explosive jump as you stand up. […]

Medicine Ball Burpees

Demonstrated by: Erik Miller, FitEDU Myo Reps fall into the Rest/Pause family of training methods. This method is really good for building muscle because they encompass two of the things that are important for building muscle: mechanical and stress. In other words the weight that you’re using and time under tension, […]

Myo Reps

Demonstrated by: Tracy Brignola, Title Boxing Club, Malvern PA   Single Leg Stiff Leg Dead Lift w/ rows Stand, holding a dumbbell in your right-hand w/ arm extended down by your side Hinge forward on you left leg until you feel a stretch in the left hamstring, keeping left knee soft, […]

Dancers Workout

 Feel Strong with Push Ups This is an advanced and very challenging push up, by adding the medicine ball you are not only working harder but also toning your abs and core as well. If you are a beginner or not quite strong enough to do a push up, […]

Medicine Ball Push Ups

 Save Time Sculpt Muscles Love this exercise because it does double duty! You will get sculpted, defined arms while you are isometrically toning all the muscles in your upper legs and glutes. If your legs give out first simply stand up and complete your hammer curl reps, if you […]

Squat Position Hammer Curls

By: Doug Slaback, Mitch’s Market Street Gym The keys to a good warm up are increasing core temperature, circulating blood throughout your body and mobilizing the joints that are about to be used. Warm Up – 2 Minutes Total Air Jump Rope – 30 Seconds Stars – 30 Seconds Semicircle […]

RiPFiT Home Workout 2

Get Amazing Arms with this Preacher Curl A Preacher Curl is a great way to change up the standard biceps curl, by placing your arms on the stability ball you are changing the angle of how your biceps lift the weight; therefore working the muscle just a little differently. Leaning […]

Stability Ball Preacher Curls

Erik Miller, M.S., Fit-EDU   WARNING: You must consult your physician before you begin this or any other exercise program Be Fit. Be Healthy. Be Happy.

Metabolic Conditioning Workout

“No Time for a Full Body Workout – Do Man Makers” No time for a full body workout, no problem just perform 10 Man Makers. It is a functional, dynamic hybrid exercise that when broken down includes a plank, push up, 1 arm row, squat, and overhead press. Make it […]

Man Makers