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 Tracy Davidson, NBC10 News Anchor & Kenneth Corl, Master Instructor, Cadence Fitness   Shoulder Press Straight Leg Dead Lift Roundhouse Boxing Mitt Work   WARNING: You must consult your physician before you begin this or any other exercise program Be Fit. Be Healthy. Be Happy.

Tracy’s Favorite Exercises

“Get Results with Cardio and Core  in One Exercise” I love this cardio move because it really gets your heart rate up. By combining the trunk rotation with a squat you are not only working your lower body but also your abdominals and core. When you jump remember to explode […]

Oblique Squat Jumps

Body Weight Exercises to Improve your Disc Throw Demonstrated by: Extreme Athlete, Ryan Meade Push ups: Any kind of push up will improve your throwing strength – the more upper body strength you have the further you will be able to throw. In addition to regular push ups; try wide […]

Disc Golf exercises

Challenge Your Balance – Target your Glutes –  Work your Legs Bosu Jump Ups with Reverse Lunges This one exercise does so much, challenges your balance, works all the muscles in your legs and targets glutes all while forcing you to stabilize with your abdominals and core. Keep in mind this […]

Bosu Jump Ups with Reverse Lunges

Scenario Objective = Escape only, no engagement after escape Mr. Stuart | Stu Bryant Punch Defense: Block with non-dominant arm, grab head firmly and shift weight forward Focus block to contact with elbow Counter Punch: After blocking immediately throw punch with dominant side, then other side, and end up with dominant […]

Self Defense

“For the Core” I love the challenge of combination moves, this advanced core workout using a stability ball starts and end with an elevated plank and combines; knee tucks, pikes and mountain climbers. It is a tough move; to begin with, be sure you can perform an elevated plank with […]

Elevated Stability Ball Combo

Mike Pannulla, Magnus Karate       WARNING: You must consult your physician before you begin this or any other exercise program Be Fit. Be Healthy. Be Happy.

Qi Gong exercises

“Firm Up All Over” I love Combination Exercises because they work your whole body with one move. The Squat with Shoulder Press and Leg Lift does just that! This is an advanced challenging move; the faster you go the move cardio benefit you will receive. Be sure to use a […]

Squat with Shoulder Press & Leg Lift

Kristen Rubin, BS, LMT, PMA, Better Balance Living Self-Care It is important to do self-care in between massage sessions. It helps the body to stay supple for longer periods of time and maintains flexibility and hydration in the body tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia) Foam rolling is an easy, […]

Self Care w/ Foam Rolling

Fitness Fix for Tough to Tone Triceps … Don’t let the name scare you – this exercise is also referred to as the “French Press,” and it is an awesome way to tone those hard to target triceps. Since you are using the stability ball you are also getting the […]

Skull Crusher on a stability ball

By: Doug Slaback, Mitch’s Market Street Gym The keys to a good warmup are increasing core temperature, circulating blood throughout your body and mobilizing the joints that are about to be used. Warm Up Founders Pose 30 Seconds Bear Crawls (Forward-Backwards) 30 Seconds Monkey Walks (Side-To-Side) 30 Seconds Inchworm with Pushup […]

RiPFiT Home Workout

Target the back of your legs and your core  … Performing this Hamstring Pull with a stability ball allows you to really isolate your hamstring muscles, target your glutes and work your abdominals and core. Form is key, remember to keep your upper body relaxed and squeeze your abdominals and […]

Hamstring Pull

By: Debra Santan, Good Karma Yoga Needed: Chair Water bottles or Light weights Arm Lifts Arms at 90 Degrees holding weights palms facing in, elevate elbows to shoulder height Pulsing up 1” & down 1”: 30 reps Curling in 2-3” engaging biceps: 30 reps Open arms out, palms facing in, shoulder […]

Take it Home – Travel Edition Workout

Strong Back – Strong Legs w/ Reverse Lunge Rows … This exercise is a great way to work several muscles at once. Reverse lunges are not only great for your glutes but also your hamstrings, quads and even calf muscles. When you do a row the primary muscles that you are […]

Reverse Lunge Row

Deadlift Barbell Squat Dumbbell Triceps Biceps Curls Lateral Raise   WARNING: You must consult your physician before you begin this or any other exercise program Be Fit. Be Healthy. Be Happy.

Body Building Workout