Episode 12

Wherever you are when the weather turns nice if you’re anything like me you love being outdoors. I know there’s plenty to do; running, bicycling, golfing, tennis, just to name a few but today we’re going to paddle fit with Mary Ann and if you’re not familiar with that you’re […]

Episode: Paddle Fit

Dreams don’t work unless you do! Be Fit. Be Healthy. Be Happy.


Weight loss is like driving … If you veer off the road, make a U-Turn & head back in the Right Direction. Be Fit. Be Healthy. Be Happy.

Weight loss is like driving

A NO Crunch … Ab exercise TRX Pike to Knee Tuck Tony makes this combination TRX ab exercise look easy. Be sure you can perform each move individually with good exercise form and technique before combining them into 1 exercise. Remember to adjust the height of the TRX straps to […]

TRX Pike to Knee Tuck

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Paddle Fit Workout

Paddle Fit Basics Marianne Biffel, Marsh Creek Watersports Once the weather warms up it’s Time to get outside! Be Fit. Be Healthy. Be Happy.

Paddle Fit Basics

“My Fitness RX” Season 1, Episode: Paddle Fit Welcome to this episode of “My Fitness RX” My Fitness Rx is a program that makes living healthy fun and exciting, while working it into your current lifestyle. My Fitness RX is unlike any fitness or exercise program available simply because of what it is […]

Episode: Paddle Fit (Preview)