Season 5

 Season 5, Workout with Machines Get Fit & discover the benefits of using machines when you exercise. Coach Beau Westhoff takes us through a ‘How to’ 5 machine routine complete with trainer hints and tips on good form and set up. Michelle Evens from Phoenixville Hospital/Tower Health helps us […]

Episode: Workout with Machines

 Season 5, Police Officers & Fitness Take a behind the scenes look into the physical demands of what it takes to be a police office and Get Fit with officer Carroll’s favorite exercises. Eat healthy with a tasty kale and quinoa burger recipe with the Kitchen Twins and discover […]

Episode: Police Officers & Fitness

 Season 5, Animal Flow Tune in for this action-packed episode; Get Fit and practice the basics of Animal Flow; a ground-based movement designed to improve strength, power, flexibility and mobility. Eat Healthy with a sweet & sour treat, Tart Cherry Gummies. Discover & understand why tennis elbow isn’t just […]

Episode: Animal Flow

 Season 5, Roller Derby Get a behind the scenes glimpse into the world of Flat Track Roller Derby when we speak with “Rat” & “Evil Beauty” from the internationally ranked Brandywine Roller Derby Team. Then Get Fit with Coach Thump’s off skate Plyometric Workout. Coach Diane Catrambone helps us […]

Episode: Roller Derby

 Season 5, Pork Tenderloin Eat Healthy, save money and discover cooking tips & secrets in Chef Cindy McClure’s Italian Kitchen. See and Feel the Excitement of a live Amish Produce Auction as we follow the owners of Hidden Horseshoe Produce and watch and learn how they bid on fresh […]

Episode: Pork Tenderloin

 Season 5, Circus Arts Today we bring back the magic of going to the circus – journey with us as we see tight rope walkers, aerials, silks, hoops & ribbons, trapeze and so much more at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts and discover how you can Get Fit […]

Episode: Circus Arts

 Season 5, Puppy Yoga Get ready for a lot of smiles and a Be Fit Yoga Flow when we visit LaMancha Animal Rescue to learn how they help and rescue so many different kinds of animals; including emus, pigs and peacocks and then go to Pure Energy Studio for […]

Episode: Puppy Yoga

 Season 5, Dragon Boats Discover the art, the challenges and the fun of Dragon Boat Racing, Get Fit with Coach John Breen as he takes the “HopeAFloat” team through some of their on shore exercises and Eat Healthy with an incredibly tasty, easy to make root vegetable hash. Our […]

Episode: Dragon Boats