Season 1

My Fitness Rx Episode 13-Yoga
Yoga is older than written history; it was first practiced, as far as we know, on the subcontinent of India. Today much about Yoga has changed but the basics have remained the same for well over four thousand years. We will explore a bit of Yoga Tradition, take Yoga in […]

Episode: Yoga

Wherever you are when the weather turns nice if you’re anything like me you love being outdoors. I know there’s plenty to do; running, bicycling, golfing, tennis, just to name a few but today we’re going to paddle fit with Mary Ann and if you’re not familiar with that you’re […]

Episode: Paddle Fit

Joseph Pilates was born in Germany in 1883 but before he passed away in 1967 in New York City his revolutionary mat exercises that he called Contrology were becoming a worldwide phenomenon today they’re known as Pilates and Bonnie Weber is going to tell us all about them. We’re going […]

Episode: Pilates

My good friend and neighbor Julie and I love to try new things when we can, we’ve had a lot of fun zip lining, paddle boarding, rock climbing and boxing! Boxing has become one of my favorite go too workouts and today I’ll show you why! Executive Chef Dan Merola […]

Episode: Boxing

Preview our Running Episode
Running as a hobby or a sport has become a favorite pastime for millions of people. It’s great way to challenge yourself and your friends, not just to run but to help others as well. So meet Dr. Christine Meyer. We have a great workout for runners, a salmon and […]

Episode: Running

Rock Climbing Styles
Today we’ll speak with Lauren the Director of Sales and Marketing with the Philadelphia Rock Gym. I have to say this looks daunting but it’s a lot of fun. We spend some time having tea. Executive Chef Dan from the Roots Cafe shows us how to create a wonderful vegetable […]

Episode: Rock Climbing

Kids and Sports - Soccer
Sports have always played a major factor in our children’s lives, from Friday Night Lights to pick up games in the park. Even with bumps and bruises our kids love playing their favorite sports. So with all the advances in today’s sports medicine, it’s so important for us to make […]

Episode: Kids and Sports

Sunshine, fresh air and spending time outdoors has nothing but positive effects on our lives, so this week we are going to work on our golf swing with Physical Therapist, Marty Zackroff, talk to Bob Jones about bicycling, do a workout in the park, take a closer look at sustainable […]

Episode: Take it Outside

Episode 5 - Your Healthy Heart
Your heart beats on average 60 to 80 times per minutes and that adds up to over 3 billion heart beats in an average life. Dr. Christine Meyer and Deputy Chief Joe Edwards help us understand our heart and the importance of CPR and AED’s. We are going to do […]

Episode: A Healthy Heart

Work – we all do it; but it creates its own unique set of problems, frustrations and stress. This week we explore 6 habits of fit and healthy people, how to have the proper ergonomics and even do a workout at your desk. Mark Goodwin walks us through how to […]

Episode: Stay Healthy at Work

If you hit the slopes, golf course, tennis court or just love the completion of your favorite sport – chances are this program is for you. Get a ‘7 moves in 7 minutes Workout’, learn about the importance of proper footwear and the knee from Dr. Lauren Schofield, why you […]

Episode: Weekend Warriors

Get down and dirty with extreme athlete Ryan Meade as he shows us how much fun a Tough Mudder can be along with his important tips and Tough Mudder exercise basics. Find out how the portions sizes today compare to the portion sizes 25 years ago and eat healthy with […]

Episode: Tough Mudder

In our Fitness Success episode, we explore smart goals and 3 important keys for your fitness success. We get fit with a ‘5-Minute Mini Cardio Circuit’, eat healthy with a ‘Roasted Vegetable Salad’ recipe and find out how ‘The Power of Yes’ can make us happy. We will also be […]

Episode: Fitness Success