Season 4

 Season 4, Horse Therapy Today, discover how horses at Quest Therapeutic play an important role in helping children with special needs during their physical and occupational therapy sessions. Get Fit with Head Trainer, Doug Slaybach and his challenging HIIT “RipFit” Workout. Eat Healthy with an easy to make salmon […]

Episode: Equine Therapy

 Season 4, Physique Body Building We take a closer look at the world of Physique Bodybuilding and speak with 2 time Men’s Physique Champion, & Natural Bodybuilder, Antwoine Powers. We Get Fit with one of Antwoine’s favorite superset workouts. We Eat & Drink Healthy; when we taste Rocky Mountain […]

Episode: Physique Body Building

 Season 4, Hydroponic Gardening Discover Hydroponic Gardening at Good Harvest Farms and learn why it may become the future of farming. We Eat Healthy with 2 homemade recipes, Get Fit when Certified Personal Trainer, Tracy Brignola’s who shares her favorite exercises with useful tips and finally we learn to […]

Episode: Hydroponic Gardening

 Season 4, Fitness in Recovery Today we take a closer look at the impact and importance that fitness and exercise can have in addiction recovery: it’s not just about activity but also about building a community. Head Trainer, Matt Farrell from Fitness in Recovery shares an intense HIIT Circuit […]

Episode: Fitness in Recovery

 Season 4, Synchronized Skating Synchronized skating is a beautiful and fairly new sport, today we take a closer look at what it takes to skate in sync and then Get Fit off the ice with a tough figure skater workout that includes HIIT and Yoga. Discover why the salt […]

Episode: Synchronized Skating

 Season 4, Indian Clubs Can you do a Pull Up? Today we Get Fit with some practical tips on how to get your first pull up and take a look at the benefits of exercising with Indian Clubs. We Eat Healthy with a simple ribeye recipe while learning about […]

Episode: Indian Clubs

Season 4, Karate Today we go back in time and learn a little about the history and principles of Karate and then Get Fit when Sensei Mike Pannulla shows us some basic Karate moves. We Eat Healthy with an easy to make ‘Green Goddess Smoothie’ recipe that is perfect after a […]

Episode: Karate

Season 4, Survivng a Stroke, with Brian Propp In this episode we have the honor of speaking with Retired Philadelphia Flyer, Brian Propp. Brian is not only a 5-time NHL All Star and record holder for the most points by a left winger in playoff history; but he is also […]

Episode: Surviving a Stroke, with Brian Propp

 Season 4, Getting Ready for Boot Camp Today we get a glimpse of what it takes to get ready for boot camp with the ‘family-like’ attitude and motivation that Staff Sergeant Morris and the US Marines Recruiting Sub-Station in Downingtown, Pennsylvania provides for it’s pooles. We Get Fit with […]

Episode: Getting Ready for Boot Camp

 Season 4, Escarole Soup We Eat Healthy when Chef Cindy McClure demonstrates how to make a delicious homemade Escarole Soup with Mushroom Chicken Meatballs. As always, her recipes are complete with helpful Chefs’ tips and easy suggestions. We Get Fit at a local park using only a swing set to […]

Episode: Escarole Soup

Season 4, Axe Throwing Axe Throwing is quickly becoming the newest fitness obsession. Today we learn all about it and even get Fit with a circuit style workout at the Throw House; it’s the perfect place for date nights, corporate events, parties, fundraisers and even a workout. Executive Chef Tim Smith […]

Episode: Axe Throwing

Season 4, Active Constructive Responding with Pax Tandon Did you ever think about how you respond to good news? Today we take a closer look at why you should. Chef Cindy McClure whips up a delicious paleo recipe and we get fit with Myo Reps; a unique rest / pause […]

Episode: Active Constructive Responding (ACR)

 Season 4, Broadway Fitness with Tony Award Winner, Karen Ziemba Today’s show takes us to Wildwood NJ, where we get a glimpse into the life of Tony Award Winner, Karen Ziemba. We eat healthy with an amazing TLT – a vegetarian version of the traditional BLT, check in with the […]

Episode: Broadway Fitness