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exercise boredom
Mix it Up a Little How are your workouts? Are you finding that you are bored and tired of doing the same thing over and over again? The idea for this article came from my daughter, she came upstairs after working out and said I just changed up my music […]

Tips to Help Eliminate Exercise Boredom

by: Healthy Living Coach, Kerri Roberts Grains are a great source of  nutritional support. Whole grains are one of the best sources of dietary fiber. They are an excellent source of  the B-vitamin complex necessary for healthy nerves. So if you’re nervous, eat up! Most interestingly and importantly because whole […]

Great Grains

Sunscreen – Sun Bathing – Vitamin D by Dr. Lauren Schofield The British journal “The Independent,” recently published a major epidemiology study was conducted that followed 30,000 women over 20 years and revealed that “the mortality rate was almost doubled in the women who avoided sun bathing and exposure compared […]

Sun Bathing – Avoiding the Sun CAN shorten Your Life

Happy yet
Happy Is a Choice and a Process By: Coach Diane Catrambone Unless you are living under a rock, with no access to the internet, you’ve most likely seen numerous articles about happiness and the importance of being “happy.” Being happy is an indicator of how well you handle relationships, how […]

Happy Yet?

jelly beans
Easter is the second biggest candy day of the year Happy Easter!  Did you know that Easter is now the second biggest candy day of the year following a close second to Halloween! Easter Baskets filled with sweet treats have always been a tradition in our home. This year while […]

The Skinny on Easter Candy

Exercise Outside
Summer is the perfect time of year to reassess your fitness goals and look at your exercise routines to see if they still meet your needs. Have you been doing the same workout since the fall, have you hit a plateau and you really are not seeing the results you […]

Better Workouts and Better Results Outside

Help for Prescription Painkiller Dependence By:  Dr. Helise Bichefsky Painkillers, commonly prescribed for acute, chronic or postoperative pain may lead to dependence and ultimately addiction—even when the drugs are taken as prescribed.  These drugs, as well as heroin, are known as opioids.  Opioids are powerful narcotic drugs that can be […]

When Painkillers Take Over

Riding Bikes
Remember how exciting it was to take the training wheels off of your bike for the very first time? Believe it or not that fun childhood pass time is one of the best cardiovascular activities available. Not only will you scorch as many as 250 to 300 calories in as […]

Scorch Calories – Ride a Bike

Do you steer clear of the weight room? by: Dr. Lauren Schofield Do you just head for the yoga, spin or cardio areas?  Even if you exercise regularly, you are missing out.  According to author and trainer Joan Pagano there are an estimated 83% of women who do not lift […]

Why Skipping the Weight Room Could be Sabotaging Your Health

Regular exercise can = long-term health & well-being By:  Dr. Helise Bichefsky Most of us know that regular exercise and physical activity are extremely important and beneficial for long-term health and well-being.  Exercise not only helps maintain healthy bones, joints and muscles, it can even go as far as to […]

Regular Exercise, One More Reason to Take the Stairs

Oral Health & Nutrition by: Terri H Ritchie, MS, CCN The American Association for Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH) is a new organization that is starting to investigate how dental health relates to medical and nutritional issues. The dentists who participate in the association believe that once communities are educated in […]

Oral Health