Episode: Disc Golf

Season 3, Disc Golf

Don’t miss this action packed episode; we take a closer look at the relatively new sport of Disc Golf with exercises to strengthen and improve your throw. Enjoy a homemade recipe for Tart Cherry Gummies. Discover why the experts recommend that children play multiple sports, and finally, learn the benefits of finding balance in your life. All that and a whole lot more on this episode of My Fitness Rx – Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!

Feature Stories

  • Be Fit: “Disc Golf”

    • “Skeeter”, PA Disc Golf Hall of Famer
    • Timothy Reppert
    • Murrey Perlstein
    • Harry Timney
    • Cody Hudzik
  • Be FIt: “Disc Golf exercises”  (Video)

    • Demonstrated by Extreme Athlete, Ryan Meade
    • Push Ups
    • Squats
    • Pull Ups
    • Plank
  • Be Fit: “Sport Specific vs Multi-Sport Athletes”

    • Beau Westoff
    • Ignite Fitness
  • Be Healthy: “Tart Cherry Gummies” (Video & PDF) 

    • Beth Campbell
    • Feats of Real Eats
  • Be Happy: “Finding Your Balance”

    • Dr. Lou Bevilacqua
    • Senare Today

Exercise Circuit

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Exercise of the Week


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