Episode: Boxing (Preview)

“My Fitness RX”

Season 1, Episode: Boxing

Welcome to this episode of “My Fitness RX”

My Fitness Rx is a program that makes living healthy fun and exciting, while working it into your current lifestyle. My Fitness RX is unlike any fitness or exercise program available simply because of what it is NOT.

  • It’s NOT a weight loss competition.
  • It’s NOT a reality show.
  • It’s NOT a fitness competition.
  • It’s NOT a lifestyle overhaul.

My Fitness Rx shows you how to make small changes in your lifestyle that have huge impacts on your wellness.

Here’s what’s in Episode: Boxing

My good friend and neighbor Julie and I love to try new things when we can, we’ve had a lot of fun zip lining, paddle boarding, rock climbing and boxing! Boxing has become one of my favorite go too workouts and today I’ll show you why! Executive Chef Dan Merola shows us how to make Chicken and Farro, Coach Diane wants us to stop having limiting beliefs and we hear from Dr. Lauren on today’s episode of Your and My Fitness Rx.

Be Fit

  • Boxing Interview with Noel Sanchez
  • Boxing HIIT Workout with Sheridan McHenry
  • Boxing Mitt Demonstrations with Noel Sanchez
  • Sore Feet with Dr. Lauren Schofield

Be Healthy

  • Pan Roasted Chicken and Farro with Chef Dan Merola

Be Happy

  • Limiting Beliefs with Coach Diane Catrambone
  • Motivations

Exercise of the Week

  • Sumo Squats


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Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!