Episode: Pilates


Season 1, Pilates

Joseph Pilates was born in Germany in 1883 but before he passed away in 1967 in New York City his revolutionary mat exercises that he called Contrology were becoming a worldwide phenomenon today they’re known as Pilates and Bonnie Weber is going to tell us all about them. We’re going to bake a pumpkin almond cake with Margaret Andreas, we’re going to study the law of attraction with coach Edna Valentino. And we’re going to find our balance Dr. Geoff Winkley all on today’s episode of Your and My Fitness Rx.

Feature Stories

  • About Pilates with Bonnie Webber, The Pilates Garden and Personal Training Studio, LLC (Video)

  •  Importance of Balance with Dr. Geoff Winkley, Doctor’s Best (Video)

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