Episode: Yoga

Season 1, Yoga

Yoga is older than written history; it was first practiced, as far as we know, on the subcontinent of India. Today much about Yoga has changed but the basics have remained the same for well over four thousand years. We will explore a bit of Yoga Tradition, take Yoga in the air, talk to Dr. Geoff Winkley about pains in our neck, learn about cooking oils from Margaret Andraos and much more on today’s Your and My Fitness Rx.

Feature Stories

  • Yoga Basics with Stephanie Markstein

  • Aerial Yoga with Susan Sluk

  • Neck & Back Pain with Dr. Geoff Winkley

Exercise Circuit

  • Sun Salutations (Video)

    • Mountain (Tadasana)
    • Chair Posture / Squat (Utkatasana)
    • Forward Bend / Fold (Uttanasana)
    • Plank Position
    • Up Dog (Urdva Mukha Svanasana)
    • Down Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)
    • Warrior 1 – (Virabhadrasana 1)


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