Episode: Rock Climbing

Season 1, Episode: Rock Climbing

Today we’ll  speak with Lauren the Director of Sales and Marketing with the Philadelphia Rock Gym. I have to say this looks daunting but it’s a lot of fun. We spend some time having tea. Executive Chef Dan from the Roots Cafe shows us how to create a wonderful vegetable hash. We get to the core of the matter with Dr. Bichefsky and there’s a brand new workout. That and more today on Your and My Fitness Rx.

Feature Stories

Exercise Circuits

  • Ball AB and CORE CIRCUIT with Tracy Brignola (Video)

    • Medicine Ball Chops
    • 90 Degree Crunch w/ medicine ball
    • Plank Crunch w/ medicine ball
    • Straight Up Crunches w/ medicine ball
    • Seated Reverse Crunch w/ medicine ball
    • Medicine Ball Twists


Exercise of the Week




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