Episode: Running (Preview)

“My Fitness RX”

Season 1, Episode: Running

Welcome to this episode of “My Fitness RX”

My Fitness Rx is a program that makes living healthy fun and exciting, while working it into your current lifestyle. My Fitness RX is unlike any fitness or exercise program available simply because of what it is NOT.

  • It’s NOT a weight loss competition.
  • It’s NOT a reality show.
  • It’s NOT a fitness competition.
  • It’s NOT a lifestyle overhaul.

My Fitness Rx shows you how to make small changes in your lifestyle that have huge impacts on your wellness.

Here’s what’s in Episode: Running

Running as a hobby or a sport has become a favorite pastime for millions of  people. It’s great way to challenge yourself and your friends, not just to run but to help others as well.  So meet Dr. Christine Meyer. We have a great workout for runners, a salmon and artichoke recipe from Executive Chef Ryan, a few more good good reasons to drink wine, and a whole bunch more on today’s Your and My Fitness RX.

Be Fit

  • Running with Dr. Christine Meyer, Team CMMD
  • Get Started Running Workout, with Ryan Meade
  • IT Band, with Dr. Lauren Schofield

Be Healthy

  • Salmon & Roasted Artichoke, with Executive Chef, Ryan Sulikowski, Lotus Farm to Table

Be Happy

  • Wine fun facts with Joe Roberts
  • Motivations

Exercise of the Week

  • Dumbbell In & Outs


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Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!