Episode: Pets and Healthy Living

Season 2, Pets and Healthy Living

Today we explore the role that pets play in keeping us fit and healthy. Vicki Wooters shows us how to Get Fit with simple exercises that we can do while we train our pets. We visit the kitchen of Chef Cindy McClure and Eat Healthy as we learn how to make a baked salmon with stewed tomatoes. Finally, Physical Therapist, Kathy Nixon helps us stay Happy as she explains some important steps we should take after we finish physical therapy. All that a whole lot more today on YOUR and My Fitness Rx!

Feature Stories

  • Be Fit: “Your Pets & Healthy Living”

    • Vicki Wooters, Wooters Dog Training
    • Special thanks to Laurissa Doonan & James Gould
  • Be Healthy: “Baked Salmon in Stewed Tomatoes” (Video)

    • Chef Cindy McClure, Tutto Sorrisi
    • ᴥ Recipe requires login to access the video and download. Register/Login here
  • Be Happy: “What Should I Do After Physical Therapy?”

    • Kathy Nixon, PT, DPT, Action Potential


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Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!