Episode: Circus Arts

Season 5, Circus Arts

Today we bring back the magic of going to the circus – journey with us as we see tight rope walkers, aerials, silks, hoops & ribbons, trapeze and so much more at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts and discover how you can Get Fit with some of these amazing arts as they are finding their way into main stream fitness clubs. Eat Healthy with a vegetarian fish taco recipe, we have fun wine facts, a Healthy Minute, a Veggie Tip, a ‘no-crunch’ abdominal Exercise of the Week and so much more – all on Today’s episode of My Fitness Rx. Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!

Be Happy Feature: “Circus Arts”

  • Adam Woolley Head Coach
  • Philadelphia School of Circus Arts

Be FIt: “Circus Arts Workout”  (Video)

  • Adam Woolley Head Coach
  • Philadelphia School of Circus Arts
    • Extreme Jumping Jacks
    • Shoulder Warm Up
    • Core Warm Up

Be Healthy Recipe: “’Fish’ Hearts of Palm Tacos” (Video & PDF) ᴥ

  • Catherine Campbell Bistro Manager
  • Hector Vazquez Chef
  • The Couch Tomato
  • Recipe requires login to access the video and download. Register/Login here

Be Healthy: Healthy Minute: “Exercise & Pregnancy” (Video)

  • Carlene Denis, MD, FACOG
  • Phoenixville Hospital, Tower Health

Be Happy: Fun Wine Facts

  • Joe Roberts
  • 1winedude

Be Fit Tip: How to pick the Best Watermelon

  • Shawn Yarnall Owner
  • Tiffany Yarnall Owner
  • Hidden Horseshoe Produce

Be Fit EOW: “Legs In and Out” (Video)

  • Demonstrated by Tracy Brignola, Title Boxing, Malvern


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Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!