Episode: Tough Mudder (Preview)

“My Fitness RX”

Season 1, Episode: Tough Mudder

Welcome to this episode of “My Fitness RX”

My Fitness Rx is a program that makes living healthy fun and exciting, while working it into your current lifestyle. My Fitness RX is unlike any fitness or exercise program available simply because of what it is NOT.

  • It’s NOT a weight loss competition.
  • It’s NOT a reality show.
  • It’s NOT a fitness competition.
  • It’s NOT a lifestyle overhaul.

My Fitness Rx shows you how to make small changes in your lifestyle that have huge impacts on your wellness.


Here’s what’s in Episode: Tough Mudder

Be Fit

  • What’s a Tough Mudder, with Ryan Meade
  • Best Exercises to do when preparing for a Tough Mudder, with Ryan Meade

Be Healthy

  • Chicken Tenders with a creamy mustard dressing, with Chef Olga Sorzano
  • 4 Simple Guidelines for Healthy Eating
  • Lower Your Cholesterol, with Dr. Helise Bichefsky

Be Happy

  • Managing Stress, with Coach Kerri Roberts
  • Motivations

Exercise of the Week

  • Exercise of the Week: High Plank w/ Ball Rolls


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Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!