Episode: Qi Gong

Season 3, Qi Gong

Take a closer look at Qi Gong, a mind, body and spirit practice that is over 3 thousand years old and still relevant today. Learn about the health benefits of gourmet mushrooms and enjoy a healthy new breakfast recipe with poached eggs and mushrooms. Find out what makes cold brew different from iced coffee. All that and a whole lot more on this episode of My Fitness Rx – Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!

Feature Stories

  • Be Fit: “Qi Gong”

    • Mike Pannulla
    • Tracy Schottland
    • Magnus Karate
  • Be Healthy: “Gourmet Mushrooms”

    • Norman Fetter
    • Woodland Jewel Mushrooms
  • Be Healthy: “Mushroom & Spinach Toast” (Video & PDF)

    • Executive Chef Tim Smith
    • Station Taproom
  • Be Happy: Ask the Experts “Cold Brew Coffee”

    • Frank Badasssaree
    • Golden Valley Farms

Exercise Circuit

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Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy!