Episode: Ninja Warrior Training

 Season 2, Ninja Warrior Training

Today on My Fitness Rx we meet Dr. Arianne Missimer, a cancer survivor and an American Ninja Warrior contestant. Executive Chef Tim Smith creates a healthier version of Fish Tacos and Physical Therapist, Kathy Dixon explains and demonstrates the importance of having a proper sitting position. Find out what’s best when purchasing seafood in our “Ask Beth” segment and so much more on today’s edition of YOUR and My Fitness Rx.

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Feature Stories

  • Ninja Warrior Training with Dr. Arianne Missimer

  • Sitting Posture with Kathy Nixon, PT, DPT, Action Potential

Exercise Circuit

  • America Ninja Warrior Workout from Dr. Arianne Missimer (Video)

    • Pull up
    • Pistol Squat
    • Lateral Hops to stabilization
    • Kettlebell Swing
    • L-Sit w/ Pike to Front Tuck
    • Dips
    • Wall Hand Stand


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