Episode: Tennis

Season 2, Tennis

If it weren’t for the monks during the Renaissance there are many things we wouldn’t have today – Champagne comes to mind for one but another might surprise you – Tennis. Today, we Get Fit with Anthony DeCecco, USTA Pro and owner of Tennis Addiction. True Food Chef Vincent Petraglia helps us Eat Healthy with a tasty Tuna recipe and finally, Physical Therapist, Kathy Dixon says we all age but you will Be Happy to know that we don’t have to get old. All that a whole lot more today on YOUR and My Fitness Rx!

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Feature Stories

  • Be Fit: “Tennis”

    • Anthony DiCecco, Jr., Owner, CEO Tennis Addiction
  • Be Healthy: “Ask Beth”

    • Beth Campbell, Feats of Real Eats
  • Be Happy: “5 Myths about Aging”

    • Kathy Dixon, PT, DPT, Reach Yours

Exercise Circuit

  • Tennis Exercises (Video)

    • Side Plank
    • Single arm / single leg low cable row
    • Y’s, T’s, W’s & L’s
    • Curtsy lunge
    • Monster Walks
    • ¼ Squats and Chops
    •  Special thanks to Tegia Boswell


Exercise of the Week


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