Episode: Tai Chi

Season 2, Tai Chi

Its roots go back over a thousands years, it is still relevant today and it is practiced world wide. It’s Tai Chi and special guest, Professor Mitch Goldfarb is here to tell us all about it. Dr. Bichefsky discusses weight loss and diets. We eat healthy with a local Mediterranean dish, get fit with a stability ball circuit and talk about our metabolism in our Ask Beth segment. Please join us for all that and so much on today’s episode of YOUR and My Fitness Rx!

Feature Stories

  • Tai Chi with Professor Mitch Goldfarb

  • Thoughts of Dieting with Dr. Helise Bichefsky

Exercise Circuit

  • Stability Ball Circuit (Video)

    • Chest Press
    • Row
    • Squat and Front Raise
    • Lateral Raise
    • Hamstring Rolls
    • Biceps Curl
    • French Press / Skull Crusher
    • Roll & Crunch


  • Tabbouli with chef Joe Andraos (Video & PDF)

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Exercise of the Week



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