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Our Philosophy is: Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy! My Fitness Rx with Tanya Stroh Logo

My Fitness Rx with Tanya Stroh is an upbeat, entertaining and informational healthy living television series that introduces you to a fit and healthy lifestyle through an endless variety of physical activities, recipes, healthy food choices and healthy lifestyle options. ‘Be Fit’, ‘Be Healthy’, ‘Be Happy’ segments make up each episode along with ‘Healthy Minutes’ featuring pertinent medical information from our team of doctors as well as ‘Quick Tips’ from our coaches, nutritionists, psychologists, and other experts.

The series was created by certified personal trainer and fitness expert, Tanya Stroh, who along with our team of contributors … doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers, nurses, physical therapists, chefs, life coaches and more … provide insight and answers to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and how to best achieve it.

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Watch My Fitness Rx in the Extended Philadelphia Region on Tuesdays at 1PM, or right here after airing.

TV Channels: Comcast 25 (HD 792) – Verizon 25 (HD 525) – DirectTV 51 (HD 925) – Dish 25 (HD 1061)

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