Combination Move

Quickly Target Many Muscle Groups with 1 Exercise

This combination exercise includes a High Bridge w/ knee pulls and a Chest Fly w/ Skulls Crushers. It’s a multi-tasking move that targets your legs, glutes, abdominals, chest and triceps all at the same time. Be sure to focus on each part of the exercise and to use slow controlled movements. Start slowly by breaking each exercise down and then putting them together. I used a light weight exercise band to further increase the intensity of the knee pulls.

Do it Right:

High Bridge w/ Knee Pulls

  • Lie on back w/ heels on an exercise bench feet hips distance apart, knees and hips bent to 90 degrees
  • Contract abdominals and lift hips off the mat so knees, hips & shoulders are in a straight line, squeeze glutes and hold for a second, lift right heel up, keeping right knee in line w/ right hip pull knee in toward your shoulder as far as possible, return leg to starting position and repeat on other side.
  • Lower hips back down to the floor to complete 1 rep.

Chest Fly w/ Skull Crushers

  • Lie on your back, knees bent and feet on floor
  • Hold dumbbells w/ palms facing each other, arms extended toward the ceiling, elbows soft, dumbbells close but not touching each other over mid chest
  • Contract abdominals & lower dumbbells toward floor until you feel a comfortable stretch across the chest, keeping elbows extended but soft & palms facing up,
  • Exhale & raise the dumbbells back to starting position
  • Immediately flex elbows and bring dumbbells just above head
  • exhale & extend arms up to starting position to complete 1 rep

Combination Move

  • Combine the High Bridge move with the Chest Fly and the Knee Pull with the Skull Crusher

WARNING: You must consult your physician before you begin this or any other exercise program

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