Easy Ways to Burn More Calories and Lose Weight This Fall

Lose Weight doing Yard Work

Lose Weight doing Yard WorkIt is easy to lose weight when you remember the more you move the more calories you are going to burn. Fall clean up is perfect for that – Think:  raking and blowing leaves, cleaning out the gardens, planting bulbs, putting the patio furniture away and all the other things that need to get finished before it is wintertime. It is amazing how many calories you can burn doing yard work, check out the statistics for an average 150 pound person.

  • Raking leaves (45 minutes): burns approximately 250 calories
  • Gardening (45 minutes): burns approximately 225 calories
  • Rearranging furniture (30 minutes): burns approximately 200 calories

Make sure you listen to your body and do not over do it. It is also a good idea to stretch when you are finished and just like exercise be sure to stay hydrated.

Instead of dreading your yard work – think of all the calories you will be burning and plus how fantastic your yard will look in the spring!

Be fit, Be healthy, Be happy!