For a Strong Healthy Back

Keeping your back strong and flexible makes everyday jobs and activities a lot easier. A strong back also helps you to stand taller, keep better posture and even look slimmer. This is a great body weight exercise – no equipment required – to strengthen not only your lower back but you core as well. When you include it in your next workout remember to stay in a neutral position and lift your arms and legs only as high as your flexibility allows. Start slowly and work up to 3 sets.

  1. Perform chest press on the floor
  2. Perform chest press on the Bosu w/ both feet on the floor
  3. Perform chest press w/ 1 leg up

Do it Right

  • Lie on the floor on your stomach extend arms & legs straight out w/ palms on the floor
  • Contract abdominals and lift left arm, head and left shoulder & right leg up at the same time & off the floor as high as possible, keeping arm & leg extended and left hand & right foot the same height off the floor, slowly lower arm & leg back down – completely relax repeat lifting opposite arm & leg

Demonstrated by: Madeline DeFaber-Schumacher


WARNING: You must consult your physician before you begin this or any other exercise program

Be Fit. Be Healthy. Be Happy.