Chest Press on a Bosu

Improve your Balance & Train your Core

This is a fun variation of the standard chest press and it does so much more. By using the Bosu you are challenging your abdominal muscles and your core, and then by simply raising one leg off the floor you are also incorporating an element of balance. This is an advanced exercise so follow this progression if you are a beginner or new to exercise:

  1. Perform chest press on the floor
  2. Perform chest press on the Bosu w/ both feet on the floor
  3. Perform chest press w/ 1 leg up

Do it Right

  • Lie with middle of back on Bosu, balance with left leg extended off the floor & right foot on floor w/ knee bent
  • Hold dumbbells with an overhand grip & palms facing away from you, arms extended toward the ceiling with elbows soft, dumbbells are close but not touching over mid chest
  • Contract abdominals & lower dumbbells until upper arms are parallel to floor keeping elbows out & bent to a 90 degree angle or less
  • Exhale & press dumbbells toward the ceiling keeping elbows soft but fully extended
  • Continue lowering and raising the dumbbells until all reps are performed then switch legs and perform same amount of reps

Demonstrated by: Tanya Stroh


WARNING: You must consult your physician before you begin this or any other exercise program

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