EOW: 3 Position Cable Row

When you include various back exercises in your fitness routine you are not only strengthening your back but you are also improving your posture. The 3 Position Row is so effective because as you switch your grip you are actually targeting your back muscles a little differently in each position.

Do it Right

  • Set the cable position to chest height
  • Stand w/ feet hips distance apart, soft knees, back straight, chest lifted & abdominals tight
  • Hold handle tube w/ palm facing to the side, arm extended forward & soft elbow, exhale & pull the cable to middle of chest using back muscles keeping elbow close to the body & pointing back, pinch shoulder blade, extend arm forward to return to starting position – do 5 reps
  • Immediately repeat move for 5 reps with palm facing up
  • Immediately repeat move for 5 reps with palm facing down

Demonstrated by: Char Cesario


WARNING: You must consult your physician before you begin this or any other exercise program

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