EOW – Abductor Leg Lifts

Better Balance and Thinner Thighs with Abductor Leg Lifts

Using an exercise tube or band is a great way to change up the resistance in any exercise. Working your Abductor (outer thigh) muscles with an exercise tube forces you to also focus on balance and control. Keep the pace slow and steady as you perform each rep, controlling the resistance as you bring your leg back to the starting position. Make this more challenging by standing on a Yoga Block. Remember the more tension on the tube the harder the exercise! 

Do it Right:

  • Attach tube / band to right ankle, stand with left side toward attached end of tube/band, soft knees, chest lifted & shoulders down (if necessary, hold on for support)
  • Shift weight to left foot, contract abdominals and lift right leg to the side as high as possible while keeping upper body and hips square
  • Slowly lower right leg to starting position
  • Continue until all reps are complete
  • Switch to right side and complete same number of reps

Demonstrated by: Susan Knoble


WARNING: You must consult your physician before you begin this or any other exercise program