EOW – Kettlebell Push Ups

“YES you can do a Push-Up”
Start with a Kneeling Push Up

Kettlebell Push UPs are an advanced exercise. Here’s how to get started; keep in mind that all push ups are a great change of pace to the standard chest press. They are a body weight exercise that not only works your chest muscles but also your triceps, the muscles in the back of your arms. The closer your hands are together the more emphasis you will place on your triceps. If you are new to exercise or always wanted to be able to do push ups; the kneeling push up is a great way to start. As you get stronger, do a few push-ups and then drop down to your knees and finish the rest of your reps. Before you know it you will be doing all the reps with regular push ups, then you can advance to Kettlebell Push Ups.

Kettlebell Push Ups – Do it Right

  • Begin in push up position, hands wider than shoulder width grip, toes on floor hip distance apart, body in a straight line from top of head to toes
  • Keep abdominals tight & lower body as close as possible to the ground, pause & extend elbows to return to starting position

Demonstrated by: Ryan Meade, Extreme Athlete, YouTube


WARNING: You must consult your physician before you begin this or any other exercise program