EOW – Lateral Raises

Get ‘Show ’em Shoulders’ with Lateral Raises

To get sculpted, well defined shoulders that look great in sleeveless shirts you need to work all three of your deltoid muscles. Lateral Raises a great back to basics move to work the top of your shoulders or your medial deltoid muscles. Be sure to control the dumbbells so your muscles are doing the work and not the momentum of the move. Make it a challenge by alternating each arm raise. Add the lateral raises into your next workout and strengthen your shoulders.

Do it Right

  • Stand w/ feet hips distance apart, knees soft, chest lifted, back flat & abdominals tight
  • Hold 1 dumbbell in each hand w/ arms hanging down at your sides, palms facing your body, elbows soft
  • Exhale & raise dumbbells up to shoulder height, your elbows should be extended but soft & your palms should face the floor
  • Reverse direction to return to starting position

Demonstrated by: Antwoine Powers, Men’s Physique Champion


WARNING: Consult your physician before you begin this exercise program or any other exercise program