EOW – Stability Ball Preacher Curls

Get Amazing Arms with this Preacher Curl

A Preacher Curl is a great way to change up the standard biceps curl, by placing your arms on the stability ball you are changing the angle of how your biceps lift the weight; therefore, working the muscle just a little differently. Leaning on the stability ball works your core as well. Make this Preacher Curl move more challenging by doing all the reps with one arm at a time. Strong arms not only look amazing but also make everyday life a lot easier. Include 2 to 3 sets with 10 to 12 reps of this Preacher Curl in your next workout and you will be on your way to having amazing arms!

Preacher Curl – Do it right

  • Begin in plank position w/ chest & back of the arms supported on stability ball, feet wider than hips distance apart on floor, body in a straight line, abdominals tight
  • Hold dumbbells w/ an under-hand grip, palms facing forward, arms extended w/ soft elbows
  • Exhale & flex elbows to raise dumbbells to shoulder height
  • Reverse direction & return to starting position
  • Continue lowering and raising dumbbells until all reps are performed

Demonstrated by: Lisa Morrin


WARNING: You must consult your physician before you begin this or any other exercise program