Kneeling Leg Extensions

Get a Better Behind
Kneeling Leg Extensions w/tube

Leg Extensions are great for your hamstrings, the back of your legs, and your glutes. The tube is a fantastic way to make them more challenging. When working with exercise tubes or bands you have complete control over the tension – the looser the band the easier the exercise, the tighter the band the harder the exercise. “For a Better Behind” add these leg extensions into your next workout.

Do it Right:

  • Attach tube / band to left ankle & the other end to a stable low surface, kneel on floor facing the attached tube/band with shoulders aligned over wrists and hips aligned over knees

    Contact abdominals & extend left leg straight back to hip height bend left leg to return to starting position, continue extending and bending left leg until all reps are complete


    Switch sides and complete same number of reps


Demonstrated by: Susan Knoble

WARNING: You must consult your physician before you begin this or any other exercise program

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