Medicine Ball Push Ups

Feel Strong with Push Ups

This is an advanced and very challenging push up, by adding the medicine ball you are not only working harder but also toning your abs and core as well. If you are a beginner or not quite strong enough to do a push up, make this move a little easier by performing it from a kneeling position. If you really want a challenge, place both hands on the medicine ball. Remember to keep your body aligned and exhale when you push up.

Do it Right:

  • Begin in push up position, left hand on medicine ball, both hands aligned under shoulders, toes on the floor hip distance apart, body in a straight line from top of head to toes
  • Keeping abdominals tight & hips square lower body to floor without touching it, raise body back to starting position by extending elbows while keeping them soft
  • Continue lowering & raising the body until all reps are performed
  • Switch sides and repeat the same number of reps

Demonstrated by: Tom Nagy

WARNING: You must consult your physician before you begin this or any other exercise program

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