Plank Leg Lifts

More Core Strength with A More Challenging Plank
Plank Position Leg Lifts

Planks when performed correctly are amazingly challenging and are not on most peoples favorite exercise to do list. They do; however, target, tone and literally sculpt your entire core. Be sure you can perform the standard plank before add the leg lifts. If you are an advanced exerciser; make these more challenging by lifting 1 leg off the floor for 10 seconds, then the opposite leg for 10 seconds; repeat 3 times.

Do it Right

  • Begin in plank position w/ forearms on mat, shoulders aligned over elbows, legs extended straight, feet hips distance apart with toes on floor
  • Contract abdominals and exhale as you lift left foot off the floor to hip height, keep body in a straight line w/ hips & shoulders square to the floor
  • Slowly lower left foot to the floor, then lift & lower right foot to complete 1 reps


Demonstrated by: Ryan Meade, extreme athlete



WARNING: You must consult your physician before you begin this or any other exercise program

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