Coach Tracey’s Workout

Coach Tracy’s Favorite Exercises

Tracy Brignola, Title Boxing

Cable Squats

This squat is one of Tracy’s favorite exercises first of all its great for your glutes but also because of the cable’s resistance. The cable acts like a support which allows you to get even deeper into your squat and thereby allowing you to get even more glute activation.

Shoulder Press with Rotation

This exercise works your shoulders and core. Tracy’s tip is to start the torso rotation early, so you really feel it in your core.

Reverse Plank Hamstring Rolls

Tracy likes this exercise because a lot of ladies forget to work their hamstrings. This stability ball roll not only targets the hamstrings but also hits the glutes and core as well. Make it an advanced exercise and really feel the burn when you use only 1 leg.

Posterior Delts

According to Tracy; the posterior deltoid or the back of your shoulder, is another muscle that ladies tend to ignore which is why she likes this exercise. This posterior delt exercise helps to keep your shoulders from rounding forward, improves your posture and helps you stand tall.

Biceps & Shoulder Combo

  • Tracy Tip – FORM is really important
  • Stand with feet shoulder with apart
  • Maintain good posture, shoulders are pulled back and down
  • Abdominals are squeezed nice and tight
  • Hips are tilted forward

Low Squat with Abduction

This squat targets the outside of your glutes the Gluteus Medius muscle. Tracy says keep your back straight and focus on staying as low as you can. Squat down push your knees out and only come up half way and you’ll really feel the burn.




WARNING: You must consult your physician before you begin this or any other exercise program

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