Self Defense

Scenario Objective = Escape only, no engagement after escape

Mr. StuartStu Bryant

Punch Defense:

  • Block with non-dominant arm, grab head firmly and shift weight forward
  • Focus block to contact with elbow

Counter Punch:

  • After blocking immediately throw punch with dominant side, then other side, and end up with dominant side … 3 punches
  • Push with feet, shift weight, rotate hips, punch with intensity and focus

Palm Heel or Closed Fist Punch:

Hard Target – Soft Weapon … Soft Target – Hard Weapon;

When hitting something harder than your fist minimize potential damage to your hand by striking with a Palm Heel instead of a closed fist

Rear Headlock Choke Defense:

  • Immediately equalize pressure on throat/neck by grabbing arm with both hands and dropping your weight down and slightly forward
  • Strike attacker with a rear thrusting elbow and hammer-fist
  • At first opportunity step back with same side leg as striking arm
  • Reach behind attacker and push head free of grasp
  • Aggressively push attacker away


WARNING: You must consult your physician before you begin this or any other exercise program

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