Fit & Flexible w/ 4 easy moves

Increase the flexibility in your hips, low back and core with this easy to do routine. Perform each exercise below at the end of your strength training workouts or to really see improvement in your flexibility – these moves are gentle enough to do everyday. When performing static stretches always use a slow constant speed and focus on relaxing your muscles while you lengthen them. A stretch should always feel comfortable and never hurt. Remember to hold each stretch for 10 to 30 seconds.

  1. Cat / Cow
    Kneel with hands under shoulders and knees under hips, drop chin toward chest and arch back toward the ceiling, hold for 10 to 30 seconds, then reverse, look up toward ceiling and push your abs to the floor. Feel a comfortable stretch in the torso area move with as much range of motion as possible hold for 10 to 30 seconds. Repeat.
  2. Child’s Pose
    Kneel and gently extend arms forward on the floor while sitting back on your feet, drop chin toward your chest and feel a comfortable stretch in hips, shoulders and upper back.
  3. Bird / Dog
    Kneel with hands under shoulders and knees under hips, keep abs tight and head aligned with spine, lift right arm to shoulder height and left leg to hip height, pause and return to starting position, complete 6 to 10 repetitions.  Repeat on other side.
  4. Bridge
    Lie on back with knees bent, feet flat on the floor hips distance apart, lift hips toward the ceiling, squeezing glutes together hold for 2 second return to starting position. Repeat 6 to 10 repetitions.

Be  Fit. Be Healthy. Be Happy.