Squats and Biceps Curls

Twice the Work w/ 1 Move

Squats & Biceps Curls

Do double duty with this exercise, simply add a biceps curl to your squat and you will be working your legs, glutes, biceps and core all at the same. Deirdre is using a single dumbbell to perform the exercise you can change it up and use a Kettlebell or 2 dumbbells. No need to lower the weight, use the same weight you would for a standard curl. Be sure to use good form when squatting down and keep your abs contracted throughout the entire move. Make it more challenging and work your legs and glutes a little harder by performing the biceps curl in the low squat position instead of simultaneously as you stand up.

Thanks for the demo Deirdre!

WARNING: You must consult your physician before you begin this or any other exercise program

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