Tennis Exercises

:20 to :25 of rest between sets
2 to 4 sets
10 – 15 reps

Side Plank

  • Position body in side plank position w/right elbow on the floor directly under shoulder, right forearm straight, palm flat on the floor w/ fingers spread, feet stacked on top of each other, body in a straight line balanced from elbow to feet – once body is balanced place left hand on left hip
  • Hold position for as long as you can working up to 1:00

Single arm / single leg low cable row

  • Begin in lunge positing with left leg back holding tube in left hand
  • As you stand up from the lunge position exhale pull the cable up to your side using back muscles keeping elbow close to the body and your shoulder blade pulled down
  • Return to lunge position to complete 1 rep
  • Continue until all reps are complete then switch sides

Y’s, T’s, W’s & L’s

  • Lie on your stomach on a stability ball, in each position lift your arms by squeezing your shoulder blades.
    • Begin with arms straight and in front of you with thumbs up, raise arms up so your body and arms form a Y
    • Begin with arms straight and to the side, with thumbs up raise arms out to side so body and arms form a T
    • Begin with arms and elbows bent so they are tight and next to your rib cage with palms facing each other and fingers spread out , squeeze shoulder blades and rotate hands as far back as possible so arms form a W
    • Begin by bending arms so upper arms are parallel to floor and elbows form 90-degree angle, externally rotate upper arms so the backs of hands rotate toward ceiling

Curtsy lunge

  • Stand w/ feet hips distance apart, step your left foot back and over
    Bend your knees and lower your hips as far down as possible while keeping right knee  over right ankle, back straight, chin up & abdominals tight
  • Exhale and step left foot back up to starting position
  • Switch & step back and over w/ right foot to complete 1 rep

Monster Walks

  • Begin with a band around your ankles, step your feet out to about hip-width to shoulder-width apart so that there is tension in the band
  • Keeping tension on the band, step one foot forward and out to the side. Then step the other foot forward and out to the other side. Continue stepping forward, keep knees out and avoid swinging your legs. Focus on using your gluteal muscles with each step
  • Then walk backward in the same manner. Step back and out with each foot, keeping tension on the band. Keep your hips solid and avoid swinging your legs. Focus on stepping straight back and out so that you feel your glutes working.

¼ Squats and Chops

  • Hold a light weight medicine ball and stand with feet shoulder distance apart, knees soft, abdominals tight and chest lifted
  • Squat ¼ way down keeping knees over ankles, chest lifted and back straight, rotate torso to bring medicine ball next to right knee
  • Contract abdominals exhale and extend knees to stand straight up while simultaneously twisting torso and raising ball up and across body until arms are extended over left shoulder
  • Reverse move to return to squat position to complete 1 rep
  • Switch sides and complete the same number of reps


WARNING: You must consult your physician before you begin this or any other exercise program

Be Fit. Be Healthy. Be Happy.