Workout: Get Fit w/ Judy – Resistance Bands

A Resistance Band Workout from Get Fit w/ Judy

If Judy’s face looks familiar, then perhaps you spent some time (and money) shopping with her on QVC or HSN. As a Host in the television shopping industry for over 20 yrs., Judy was best known for her jewelry, fashion and fitness shows to include her favorite, “Get Fit With Judy” on QVC. Her love of fitness propelled her to become a Certified Personal Trainer to help others find that same joy of living a fit and healthy life. She has since returned to the airwaves as a fitness expert and one of HSN’s newest Health & Wellness Ambassadors.

Judy says ….

Home workout w/ Resistance Bands**Love Them or Hate Them**Workout to find out**This is “Get Fit With Judy” and today we do an At-Home Workout that’s NOT intimidating

Be sure to check out Judy’s YouTube site Get Fit with Judy for more fun workouts and information!

By: Judy Crowell, Certified Instructor ~ BootyBarre
Get Fit with Judy

WARNING: You must consult your physician before you begin this or any exercise program