Portion Sizes vs Serving Sizes

Mid-Week Make Over

Do you know how much you are eating?

serving sizes - midweek makeover

Sometimes it can be hard to tell because the portion sizes have increased drastically over the years. Studies show that adults today consume an average of 300 more calories per day than they did in 1985. According the National Institutes of Health, portion sizes and serving sizes are not the same thing. In fact they go so far as to define portion sizes as how much food we choose to eat at one time, while serving size is defined as what is listed on a foods nutritional label. With that in mind an easy way to keep track of your portion sizes and limit them to actual serving sizes is to prep your meals and snacks in portion control containers prior to eating them. Give it a try this week and see how many calories you can save.

What’s a Mid-Week Make Over?

Because we believe “Small Changes make a Big Difference,” every week we are going to be posting & tweeting simple ideas, tips, tricks, switches or changes that you can EASILY – and that’s the key – EASILY incorporate into your daily life to be just a little fitter, healthier and happier. So here’s your Mid-Week Make Over!

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