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stability ball rows
Stability Ball Rows to strengthen your back and core Strengthen your back muscles and work your core at the same time by changing up the stand row to a 1 arm row leaning on a stability ball. This is a client favorite because of the core activation, it’s tough but […]

EOW – Stability Ball Rows

Myo Reps
Myo Reps by: Erik Miller, M.S., FIT EDUGreat for Building Muscle Mass ... Myo reps are a variation of a rest / pause training protocol. It’s an excellent technique to incorporate into your workouts if you want to build muscle mass because of the weight and time under tension. They […]

Workout: Myo Reps

step squat jumps
Burn More Calories with Heart Smart CardioSquat Jumps on a Step Burn more calories throughout your strength training workouts by incorporating this “Heart Smart Cardio Move” in between each exercise. Squat Jumps are challenging, so if you’re a beginner start without a step. As you progress up the intensity and do […]

EOW – Step Squat Jumps

In Motion Circuit
IN MOTION CIRCUIT It a Great Time Saver … The In Motion Circuit is one of my go to time saver workouts, I love it because you never stop moving … What we are going to do is to move back and forth between 2 cones, for cardio that really […]

Workout: In Motion Circuit

foam rolling
Kristen Rubin, BS, LMT, PMA, Better Balance Living Self-Care with Foam Rolling According to Massage Therapist, Kristen Rubin, it is important to do self-care in between massage sessions. It helps the body to stay supple for longer periods of time. It also helps to maintain flexibility and hydration in the […]

Workout: Foam Rolling

kneeling dumbbell rows
Improve Back Strength, Improve Posture Kneeling Dumbbell Rows If you sit at a desk or computer all day; it can really affect your posture. One of the best ways to improve posture is to strengthen your back muscles. Kneeling rows are a basic back exercise, they are easy to perform […]

EOW – Kneeling Dumbbell Rows

kettlebell push ups
“YES you can do a Push-Up”Start with a Kneeling Push Up Kettlebell Push UPs are an advanced exercise. Here’s how to get started; keep in mind that all push ups are a great change of pace to the standard chest press. They are a body weight exercise that not only […]

EOW – Kettlebell Push Ups

Biceps and Triceps
Biceps and Triceps WorkoutGain Strength … Improve Functional Movement Demonstrated by: Char Cesario The Biceps and Triceps Workout includes 6 exercises for your bicep and triceps. We designed it to help you gain more strength and improve your functional movement. It works by changing up the angle and position of […]

Workout: Biceps and Triceps

Stability Ball Skull Crushers
Stability Ball Skull CrushersIt’s a Fitness Fix for Tough to Tone Triceps Stability Ball Skull Crushers -don’t let the name scare you! This exercise is also referred to as the “French Press,” and it is an awesome way to tone those hard to target triceps muscles. You also get the […]

EOW – Stability Ball Skull Crushers

Tracy Peal, Movement SpecialistPeal Sports Performance Coaching Biomechanics of Running Biomechanics of running are important to improve speed. This video interview and demonstration explains in simple terms how to recognize poor biomechanics. Tracy guides you through an easy exercise to help improve your efficiency as well as your speed. You […]

Workout: Biomechanics of Running

Mountain Climbers
Burn More Calories with Mountain Climbers Mountain Climbers are a great cardio exercise; they are one of those back to basics exercises from high school that really gets your heart pumping. I like to use Mountain Climbers as added intensity on cardio days or in between strength training exercises. Remember […]

EOW – Mountain Climbers

Lateral Raises
Get ‘Show ’em Shoulders’ with Lateral Raises To get sculpted, well defined shoulders that look great in sleeveless shirts you need to work all three of your deltoid muscles. Lateral Raises a great back to basics move to work the top of your shoulders or your medial deltoid muscles. Be […]

EOW – Lateral Raises

How to do a shoulder Press
Erik Miller, M.S. Shoulder or Military Press According the Coach Erik Miller one of the most common exercises he see’s being performed incorrectly is the standing barbell shoulder or military press. In the Get Fit video, learn the proper form as Coach Miller demonstrates and shares his training tips on […]

Workout: How To: Do a Shoulder Press

Agility Ladder Rugby Drills by: Vincent Williams Director of Speed & Strength West Chester Rugby Football Club Our Workout of the week includes a progression of agility ladder warm up drills that were created by Coach Vinny and demonstrated by the West Chester Rugby Football Club team. WARNING: You must […]

Rugby Circuit

A Better Reverse Crunch! Torso Rotations with a Stability Ball. This reverse crunch works all your abdominal muscles with 1 move; including those hard to tone lower abs. Keep in mind the more range of motion that you can achieve as you lean back the harder the exercise. Be sure […]

EOW: Torso Rotations