Exercise of the Week

triceps dips
Strong Toned Arms with Triceps Dips For strong, toned arms with no underarm jiggle add Triceps Dips into your fitness routine. This body weight exercise can be performed just about anywhere. To make it a little easier simply bend you knees. Aim for 2 to 3 sets of 10 reps […]

EOW – Triceps Dips

Strong Back, Good Posture with Plank Position Dumbbell Rows This is an advanced challenging row and is an awesome exercise to target your back and core muscles. Having a strong back is so important because it not only helps improve your posture, but also makes you stand taller and look […]

EOW – Plank Position Dumbbell Row

abductor leg lifts
Better Balance and Thinner Thighs with Abductor Leg Lifts Using an exercise tube or band is a great way to change up the resistance in any exercise. Working your Abductor (outer thigh) muscles with an exercise tube forces you to also focus on balance and control. Keep the pace slow […]

EOW – Abductor Leg Lifts

preacher curl
Get Amazing Arms with this Preacher Curl A Preacher Curl is a great way to change up the standard biceps curl, by placing your arms on the stability ball you are changing the angle of how your biceps lift the weight; therefore, working the muscle just a little differently. Leaning […]

EOW – Stability Ball Preacher Curls

stability ball rows
Stability Ball Rows to strengthen your back and core Strengthen your back muscles and work your core at the same time by changing up the stand row to a 1 arm row leaning on a stability ball. This is a client favorite because of the core activation, it’s tough but […]

EOW – Stability Ball Rows

step squat jumps
Burn More Calories with Heart Smart CardioSquat Jumps on a Step Burn more calories throughout your strength training workouts by incorporating this “Heart Smart Cardio Move” in between each exercise. Squat Jumps are challenging, so if you’re a beginner start without a step. As you progress up the intensity and do […]

EOW – Step Squat Jumps

kneeling dumbbell rows
Improve Back Strength, Improve Posture Kneeling Dumbbell Rows If you sit at a desk or computer all day; it can really affect your posture. One of the best ways to improve posture is to strengthen your back muscles. Kneeling rows are a basic back exercise, they are easy to perform […]

EOW – Kneeling Dumbbell Rows

kettlebell push ups
“YES you can do a Push-Up”Start with a Kneeling Push Up Kettlebell Push UPs are an advanced exercise. Here’s how to get started; keep in mind that all push ups are a great change of pace to the standard chest press. They are a body weight exercise that not only […]

EOW – Kettlebell Push Ups

Stability Ball Skull Crushers
Stability Ball Skull CrushersIt’s a Fitness Fix for Tough to Tone Triceps Stability Ball Skull Crushers -don’t let the name scare you! This exercise is also referred to as the “French Press,” and it is an awesome way to tone those hard to target triceps muscles. You also get the […]

EOW – Stability Ball Skull Crushers

Mountain Climbers
Burn More Calories with Mountain Climbers Mountain Climbers are a great cardio exercise; they are one of those back to basics exercises from high school that really gets your heart pumping. I like to use Mountain Climbers as added intensity on cardio days or in between strength training exercises. Remember […]

EOW – Mountain Climbers

Lateral Raises
Get ‘Show ’em Shoulders’ with Lateral Raises To get sculpted, well defined shoulders that look great in sleeveless shirts you need to work all three of your deltoid muscles. Lateral Raises a great back to basics move to work the top of your shoulders or your medial deltoid muscles. Be […]

EOW – Lateral Raises

A Better Reverse Crunch! Torso Rotations with a Stability Ball. This reverse crunch works all your abdominal muscles with 1 move; including those hard to tone lower abs. Keep in mind the more range of motion that you can achieve as you lean back the harder the exercise. Be sure […]

EOW: Torso Rotations

I love Cable Squats because they are a great change to the standard squat. The wider your feet the more you will challenge your inner thighs. Make these more challenging and work your calf muscle too by lifting up on your toes as you stand up! Remember to keep your […]

EOW: Cable Squats

3 Position Row w/ cable
When you include various back exercises in your fitness routine you are not only strengthening your back but you are also improving your posture. The 3 Position Row is so effective because as you switch your grip you are actually targeting your back muscles a little differently in each position. […]

EOW: 3 Position Cable Row

EOW Squat Hammer Curls
Love this exercise because it does double duty! You will get sculpted, defined arms while you are isometrically toning all the muscles in your upper legs and glutes. If your legs give out first simply stand up and complete your hammer curl reps, if you finish the reps and your […]

EOW: Squat Position Hammer Curls