Exercise of the Week

Reverse Twists w/ medicine ball Work your abs without crunches. The Reverse Twists are a great way to tone & sculpt your abs from a seated position. These are challenging, be sure to keep your abdominals contracted during the entire move. No medicine ball, no problem simply use a light […]

Reverse Crunch Twists

A Must DO Move for Great Glutes and Legs This leg exercise works just about all the leg muscles, it is great for the glutes and you get even more emphasis on the outer thighs because of the side leg lift. Change it up by holding dumbbells in each hand […]

Squat with Leg Abduction

Get Your Heart Rate Up and Burn More Calories with the Jump Up Step Down Move Burn more calories throughout your strength training workouts by incorporating this “Heart Smart Cardio Move” in between each exercise. Keep in mind the higher your step the more challenging the exercise. When jumping be […]

Jump Up – Step Down

Show ‘Em Off Arms Your triceps; the back of your arms, can be a challenging area to tone. Overhead Extensions are great because by holding 1 dumbbell in both hands it is easier to keep your arms in the proper alignment allowing you to get the most benefit out of […]

Triceps Overhead Extensions

Total Core Toner This is an advanced exercise that targets your entire torso area and really strengthens all your abdominal muscles as well as the muscles in your lower back. It is important to keep your body in a straight line from your head all the way down to your […]

Plank Crunch on a Stability Ball

Strong Back / Strong Legs Exercise bands are one of my favorite pieces of equipment because they are so versatile and portable. This multi-taking move not only works your back and all muscles in your lower body but it also challenges your balance. When doing the lunge be sure to […]

Reverse Lunge Row

For a Strong Healthy Back Keeping your back strong and flexible makes everyday jobs and activities a lot easier. A strong back also helps you to stand taller, keep better posture and even look slimmer. This is a great body weight exercise – no equipment required – to strengthen not […]


For a Strong Back and Strong Core The plank position row is a challenging advanced exercise that will strengthen your back and core at the same time. Start with a weight that is lighter than what you typically use when performing a standing row. Be sure to keep your hips […]

Plank Position Row

Improve your Balance & Train your Core This is a fun variation of the standard chest press and it does so much more. By using the Bosu you are challenging your abdominal muscles and your core, and then by simply raising one leg off the floor you are also incorporating […]

Chest Press on a Bosu

Thin Thighs and Great Glutes Love this leg exercise because when you step to the side you are also targeting your abductor or outer thigh muscles!  If you don’t have a barbell simply hold a dumbbell or other weight at chest height. Do it Right Stand w/ feet hips distance […]

Side Squats

Work All Your Ab Muscles with 1 Exercise This is a great ab exercise because you are targeting your upper and lower abdominals as well as working your core – all in 1 exercise. You can make it more challenging by holding a light weight dumbbell or medicine ball on […]

Roll & Crunch

 Increase Your Workout Intensity and Burn More Calories Adding a cardio exercise into your strength training routine not only increases your workout intensity but is also a great way to save time and burn a lot of extra calories. Aim for 15 to 20 Squat Jumps in between each […]

Squats Jumps on a Bosu

 Sculpt Your Shoulders Strengthening your shoulder muscles not only helps to protect your rotator cuff but also gives you a nice rounded shoulder line. Using an exercise band to perform the standard shoulder press will work your muscles differently because of the unique tension that it provides throughout the […]

Kneeling Shoulder Press

 Great for Balance and Coordination Lateral Hops on a step This cardio move is tougher than it looks because the lateral movement not only challenges your balance but also your coordination as well. This is a great exercise to incorporate into an outside cardio workout, whether you are walking, […]

Lateral Hops

 Lateral Raises to Sculpt Shoulders Lateral Raises on stability ball Well defined, strong shoulders are always in style. Lateral Raises work your middle shoulder muscle, the medial deltoid. By performing lateral raises lying on your side on the stability ball you are changing the angle that your muscle is […]

Lateral Raises