Ab Focus
An Ab Focus Workout from Get Fit w/ Judy If Judy’s face looks familiar, then perhaps you spent some time (and money) shopping with her on QVC or HSN. As a Host in the television shopping industry for over 20 yrs., Judy was best known for her jewelry, fashion and […]

Workout: Get Fit w/ Judy – Ab Focus

Push Up progression
Push ups are a great body weight exercise, they not only work the chest muscles, triceps, and shoulders but also when done correctly the lower back and core. However, push-ups are also an exercise that is often performed incorrectly and with bad form. Arianne Missimer from the Movement Paradigm joins […]

Workout: Push Up Progression

agility jumps
Agility is defined as the ability to move quickly and easily with nimbleness. Agility training is very important for athletes, but as Movement Specialist, Tracy Peal explains everyone can benefit from this type of training. When done correctly, you will see improvement in your speed, balance, coordination and even mind […]

Workout: Agility Jumps

box jumps & hurdles
Box jumps and hurdles are the next progression after agility jumps according to Movement Specialist, Tracy Peal from Peal Sports Performance Coaching. They are considered a higher amplitude movement. In this video you’ll learn:   Benefits of box jumps & hurdles Proper from and exercise technique Demonstration with appropriate ques […]

Workout: Box Jumps & Hurdles

building parallettes
Building Parallettes is quick and easy with Coach Erik Miller’s simple tutorial in this video. All you need is: 10 feet – 1 ½ “ PVC 4 elbows 4 T’s 8 End caps PVC glue and primer (if you choose) Parallettes are typically associated with CrossFit or Gymnastics and thought […]

Workout: Building Parallettes

Judy Crowell
Master Class Workout … Get Fit with Judy, master class is ‘A Master Bedroom Workout’ for your legs and buns. If your goals are to get slimmer hips & thighs, shapelier buns or better fitting jeans then give this quick lower body workout a try tomorrow morning before you even […]

Workout: Get Fit with Judy Master Class

how to deadlift
Deadlift, Learn the proper form and technique ... In this video Coach Erik Miller shares his coaching expertise for another challenging exercise, the Deadlift. It’s an important functional movement that we use on a daily basics. Coach Miller walks us through the entire exercise beginning with the most important part […]

Workout: How to Deadlift

Myo Reps
Myo Reps by: Erik Miller, M.S., FIT EDUGreat for Building Muscle Mass ... Myo reps are a variation of a rest / pause training protocol. It’s an excellent technique to incorporate into your workouts if you want to build muscle mass because of the weight and time under tension. They […]

Workout: Myo Reps

In Motion Circuit
IN MOTION CIRCUIT It a Great Time Saver … The In Motion Circuit is one of my go to time saver workouts, I love it because you never stop moving … What we are going to do is to move back and forth between 2 cones, for cardio that really […]

Workout: In Motion Circuit

foam rolling
Kristen Rubin, BS, LMT, PMA, Better Balance Living Self-Care with Foam Rolling According to Massage Therapist, Kristen Rubin, it is important to do self-care in between massage sessions. It helps the body to stay supple for longer periods of time. It also helps to maintain flexibility and hydration in the […]

Workout: Foam Rolling

Biceps and Triceps
Biceps and Triceps WorkoutGain Strength … Improve Functional Movement Demonstrated by: Char Cesario The Biceps and Triceps Workout includes 6 exercises for your bicep and triceps. We designed it to help you gain more strength and improve your functional movement. It works by changing up the angle and position of […]

Workout: Biceps and Triceps

Tracy Peal, Movement SpecialistPeal Sports Performance Coaching Biomechanics of Running Biomechanics of running are important to improve speed. This video interview and demonstration explains in simple terms how to recognize poor biomechanics. Tracy guides you through an easy exercise to help improve your efficiency as well as your speed. You […]

Workout: Biomechanics of Running

How to do a shoulder Press
Erik Miller, M.S. Shoulder or Military Press According the Coach Erik Miller one of the most common exercises he see’s being performed incorrectly is the standing barbell shoulder or military press. In the Get Fit video, learn the proper form as Coach Miller demonstrates and shares his training tips on […]

Workout: How To: Do a Shoulder Press

Agility Ladder Rugby Drills by: Vincent Williams Director of Speed & Strength West Chester Rugby Football Club Our Workout of the week includes a progression of agility ladder warm up drills that were created by Coach Vinny and demonstrated by the West Chester Rugby Football Club team. WARNING: You must […]

Rugby Circuit

Arianne Missimer, DPTThe Movement Paradigm Functional Range Conditioning CARS Neck CARS Scapular CARS Shoulder CARS Hip CARS WARNING: You must consult your physician before you begin this or any other exercise program Be Fit. Be Healthy. Be Happy.

Functional Range Conditioning Workout