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Peanut Butter Protein Balls
Peanut Butter Protein Balls By: Ryan Schmidt, Schmidtfitt Post Workout Snacks are Important No matter what your fitness goal it is important to have a healthy post workout snack. A healthy snack not only helps restore energy but also aids in recovery. According to fitness trainer Ryan Schmidt – peanut […]

Recipe: Peanut Butter Protein Balls

All About Tomatoes
All About Tomatoes By: Chef Cindy McClure, Classical Cooking with Tutto Sorrisi Tomatoes – The Fruit Vegetable Plant The tomato is the edible berry of the plant Solanum lycopersicum, commonly known as a tomato plant. However; nutritionists consider them a vegetable. It’s their high levels of the antioxidant lycopene, a natural pigment that gives […]

Recipe: All About Tomatoes

Poblano Wild Mix
By: Mariana CastanedaTaste of Puebla Poblano Wild Mix Recipe  Eat fresh and healthy with this Poblano Wild Mix recipe. It’s a traditional Mexican dish from “The Taste of Puebla” as well as a local favorite in the Mexican city of Puebla. Chef Mariana shares her family recipe complete with chef […]

Poblano Wild Mix

Fresh Salad Dressing
Dressing:  BlackBerry & Fresh Herb Vinaigrette By: Jason Brown, Chef, Food Stylist@chef_jdish Download Recipe Fresh Salad Dressing Ingredients  1 cup blackberry ½ cup chopped herbs (cilantro, parsley, chives) 2 tbsp Dijon mustard ½ small shallot ½ cup orange juice  4 oz balsamic vinegar 8 oz olive oil Pinch salt & […]

Recipe: Fresh Salad Dressing

Amanda Wilkes, Owner Download Recipe Ingredients 5 – 6 chunks of pineapple One large piece of ginger Dash of turmeric Directions Place your chunks of pineapple and ginger in a food processor Blend for about 5 – 10 seconds Pour into a glass and add a dash of turmeric on […]

Vitality Wellness Shot

Jason Brown, Chef, Food Stylist Download Recipe Ingredients Shrimp Olive oil Fresh Herbs (cilantro, chives) Lime juice Grilled vegetables Rice pilaf Directions Prior to skewering shrimp on wooden kebob skewers soak the skewers in water to prevent from flaming up on the grill.  About 20 minutes.  Take medium peeled and […]

Shrimp Kabobs

Jason Brown, Chef, Food Stylist Download Recipe Grilled Pineapple To grill pineapple, remove the top of the pineapple and skin cutting from the top to the bottom using a serrated knife.  I like using a serrated knife because it is a little easier to use with such a tough outer […]

Grilled Fruit on a Spinach Salad

Home Made Ricotta Cheese
Julia Inslee, Farmer/Cheese Maker Download Recipe Ingredients 1/2 gallon of raw milk (The milk can be from cow, goat, or sheep, but it must be RAW or else it will not form curds.) 1/4 cup white vinegar (add more vinegar if necessary) 1/2 tsp salt Equipment 2 pots–1 stainless steel […]

Ricotta Cheese

Healthy Recipe - Marinara Sauce
Chef Cindy McClure, Classical Cooking Download Recipe Ingredients 1 T  Extra virgin olive oil 1  C Yellow onion, chopped (1 onion) 7 cloves Garlic, chopped (optional:  add a few carrots for sweetness and removes some of the acid) 1 (28-ounce) can crushed tomatoes, plum tomatoes in puree, chopped or use […]

Marinara Sauce

Quesadilla for Taco Tuesday
Chef Jason Brown, Food Stylist Download Recipe The best part of quesadillas is that you can pretty much create your own culinary masterpiece. Whether it is plain cheese, ground beef or grilled shrimp, as long as you have a tortilla, shredded cheese and some salsa you can make a great lunch […]

Quesadilla’s for Taco Tuesday

Asian Chicken with Bok Choy, Scallion Rice w/ Crispy Coconut from Chef Cindy McClure, Classical Cooking, Tutto Sorrisi

Teriyaki Quinoa Bowl

Asian Chicken with Bok Choy, Scallion Rice w/ Crispy Coconut from Chef Cindy McClure, Classical Cooking, Tutto Sorrisi

Flounder en Papillote

Asian Chicken with Bok Choy, Scallion Rice w/ Crispy Coconut from Chef Cindy McClure, Classical Cooking, Tutto Sorrisi

Wok Fired Ginger Shrimp