Biomechanics of running
Season 7, The Biomechanics of Running Today, we Eat Healthy with a traditional Mexican dish and local favorite from the city of Puebla. Tracy Peal helps us Get Fit and demonstrates how to run better using biomechanics and movement analysis. The Doctors from Phoenixville Hospital/Tower Health & Pottstown Hospital/Tower Health […]

Episode: Running with Tracy Peal

Greensgrow Urban Farm
Season 7, Greensgrow Urban Farm Today, we travel to Philadelphia and visit Greensgrow, an educational urban farm and a non-profit that promotes wellness through community green space. Learn the proper mechanics of a shoulder press and Get Fit with Coach Erik Miller. Chef Jason Brown helps us Eat Healthy with […]

Episode: Greensgrow Urban Farm

Season 7, Rugby Our Be Happy Lifestyle Segment takes us to the studio of Ceramics Artist, Meghan Bergman, We Get Fit on the Field with Coaches Jesse Lewis & Vincent Williams and the West Chester Rugby Football Club. Amanda Wilkes from the Juniper Tree Juice & Coffee Bar whips up […]

Episode: Rugby

Season 7, Functional Range Conditioning Get Fit with Dr. Arianne Missimer as she explains & demonstrates how Functional Range Conditioning can help to increase your range of motion, mobility and strength. Eat Healthy with Chef Jason Browns grilled shrimp kabob recipe. Wine Writer, Joe Roberts, shares hints and tips on […]

Episode: Functional Range Conditioning

Day Spring Farm Episode
Season 7, Day Spring Farm It’s a Happy afternoon when we visit with Julia Inslee and walk around in the pasture with her sheep and alpaca’s. Eat Healthy with an amazing homemade ricotta cheese made from her sheep’s milk. Learn how to Get Fit with a challenging ‘Finisher Workout’. The […]

Episode: Day Spring Farm

Season 6, Neck Up Training Visit with Dr. Rick Neff at Inner Edge Sports Psychology and discover Neck Up Training and why Sports Psychology is so important for every athlete starting as early as middle school. Get Fit in the Park with a challenging 10 exercise circuit. Eat Healthy with […]

Episode: Neck Up Training

Greasing the Groove
Season 7, Greasing the Groove Today we Get Fit with Coach Erik Miller as he explains the training principal of  “Greasing the Groove” and how you can use it to improve strength as well as improve your ability to do a specific exercise. Eat Healthy with an easy to make […]

Episode: Greasing the Groove

Functional movement
Season 6, Functional Movement It’s all about the Hip on today’s episode of My Fitness Rx. Understand the benefits of Functional Movement and Get Fit while learning how to incorporate exercises to improve hip mobility into your next workout. The docs at Phoenixville Hospital / Tower Health keep us up […]

Episode: Functional Movement

Season 7, Honeybees Today we visit the Honeybee hives at Exton Bee Company and get an up close and personal look at honeybees and how important and necessary they are to our food supply. Get Fit and discover the importance of Sport Performance & Movement. Eat Healthy by changing up […]

Episode: Honeybees

A Taste of Puebla
Bistec A La Mexicana Bistec A La Mexicana is a traditional recipe from the city of Puebla in Mexico. Mariana & Isaias Castaneda from ‘The Taste of Puebla” demonstrate how easy it is to make and share happy memories of their hometown in Puebla. Made with all fresh ingredients – […]

Recipe: Bistec A La Mexicana

stability ball rows
Stability Ball Rows to strengthen your back and core Strengthen your back muscles and work your core at the same time by changing up the stand row to a 1 arm row leaning on a stability ball. This is a client favorite because of the core activation, it’s tough but […]

EOW – Stability Ball Rows

Myo Reps
Myo Reps by: Erik Miller, M.S., FIT EDUGreat for Building Muscle Mass ... Myo reps are a variation of a rest / pause training protocol. It’s an excellent technique to incorporate into your workouts if you want to build muscle mass because of the weight and time under tension. They […]

Workout: Myo Reps